Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome to the U.S. of A.

My new aunt left her warm tropical islands and arrived in a comparatively frigid Texas yesterday. We're all so excited for her, and look forward to meeting her this Christmas.

Uncle Tom* has been dating Aunt Hazel* for years now through the internet, telephone, letters, and a few visits. They have wanted to be married for a long time, but couldn't get Aunt Hazel's government (the Philippines) and our government to allow her into the US.

In the end, Isaac went to find Rebekah himself. Uncle Tom flew to Aunt Hazel and married her there. He stayed for a couple of weeks with her, and then had to return here. Now, a year later, the whole immigration process has been completed and Aunt Hazel, as of yesterday, is in Texas with her husband and her new family. It's been a long journey, but I know that both of them will have that much more commitment because of all they've gone through together. Uncle Tom loves her so much and for years now has talked about nothing but getting Aunt Hazel here to America, and where they were in that process.

I look forward to letting Zaya and Mim meet their new Great-Aunt Hazel (She's not much older than me) and giving her hugs. She has a very loving family back home in the Philippines, and we're all conscious that this has to have been a wrenching process as she has said goodbye to them and started a completely new life. I hope that we, as her extended family, can help Uncle Tom begin to fill that gap left by the loss of close contact with her family and friends.

*Names changed to protect the newlyweds


Lilibeth said...

Welcome Home, Hazel. I hear the first thing we will be buying for her will be a coat.

aftergrace said...

This is fantasic news! Best wishes to both "Tom" and "Hazel".


Congratulations to the newlyweds! Can't wait to meet you in person, "Hazel!"

~Tom's baby sister~

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, that is wonderful!
It would be kind of strange to have an aunt not much older than yourself. But I have a step-uncle, former boyfriend that is one year older than I am. And if that doesn't sound "hick" I don't know what does! LOL
(My dad married his sister, who is several years younger than my dad and several years older than her brother. Does that make any sense?)