Sunday, December 09, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a .....

The young weatherman this morning was almost giddy talking about the BIG! ICE! STORM! that we got part of today. The rest will come tomorrow, but so far I'm unimpressed. The roads are a little slick, true, but it's just nothing compared to the ice storms this area has seen in the past. Maybe other parts of the state are getting it worse than we are, I don't know.

I think it's so funny to watch the young meteorologists around here. Since it's Oklahoma, we attract them because they're all hoping to see/report tornadoes. They have to do something with the rest of the year though, so we have ICE STORM 2007!!!! Which, actually we had last spring, so they need to come up with a different name. Maybe THE WINTER ONSLAUGHT or THE HYPE FEST. Last year during a series of threatening afternoon thunderstorms the excited little weather guy actually said, "I'm afraid there won't be any more storms today...I mean, I'm happy to be able to tell you.."etc.

My "day of rest" started out with an eight o'clock morning handbell practice for which only three members appeared. We didn't get to perform our bell numbers in the service this morning because several of the players out on the farms didn't want to risk the drive in to town. Evening services are canceled, but my meeting and the cantata practice are still happening, so we still have to go back to church at three. Our church didn't cancel this morning, but my parent's church did after several of the parishioners and the pastor (my dad) all slipped on the ice. Before he fell, but after another man had hit the sidewalk, Dad yelled back into the building, "Church is canceled!" Smart guy. Actually, at least one person passed out, ended up in the hospital and could use your prayers.

If I'm gone for a while this week it means my electricity is out and the enthusiastic weatherman was right. Otherwise, hope everyone is having a safe weekend and A restful Sunday.


aftergrace said...

Living in New Mexico, I often forget how the rest of the country often has lousy weather. I remember staying at Grandma's in the summer, and hearing the tornado sirens screeching...whew...scary stuff.

Attolia said...

The power is out at my parents' house. It's not out here yet, but there are warnings that we may experience outages in this area, so I'm kind of scared. :( (Our church canceled this morning, btw.)