Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow...Sort Of

We had our first official snow of the season today, and since it's Oklahoma, possibly our last official snow of the season. Who knows? We only have about an inch, but the kids think it's just the coolest thing ever and were very excited to bundle up and go out with Daddy.

When we told Zaya to open the door and look outside he started jumping up and down and yelling "It's Christmas!" After we explained that snow and Christmas don't necessarily coincide, despite all the propaganda declaring otherwise, Zaya was saying things like, "Daddy! Snow is very good for you!" We're not quite sure what he meant, because his explanation was, "It's snow, and snow is good." Mim was more excited about putting on her hat and mittens and boots, but she thinks the snow is pretty cool too.

In typical Oklahoma fashion, the wind is blowing hard and it's really not the best place to be right now, but they stayed out playing for more than half an hour. Because of a killer earache, I stepped out for just long enough to take the three pictures, and then returned to my heating pad, pillow and hot chocolate. I did get up long enough to make some atole, which is a Mexican cornstarch based hot chocolate of sorts.

Here's a picture of Zaya bracing himself against the wind, and Mim staring in wonder at the new view on our front yard.


aftergrace said...

Looks like the kids had lots of fun! We sure love the snow around these parts.

Tendrils said...

first and last........I am jealous! We Minnesotans have snow A LONG TIME!!!!!! :D

Looked like fun!

Qtpies7 said...

They look like they are having fun! My kids are sick of snow.
Drew said he won't shave any more because his "beard" keeps the hoars frost of his face. not that his beard is exactly full, or anything.