Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Present Quandries

In an effort to embrace my children for who they are (look at me being all post-modern), I've decided to get them things that they will like instead of things I think they need, or need to work on.

I'd like to get Mim a set of Wedgits, as she loves all things blocks and building and these look like a fun twist on the basic idea of blocks.

For my little gaming shepherd (Zaya), I'm thinking about a nice comfy bean bags for: lambs, snuggling with and games, playing of. I have no idea where to go about finding a good beanbag, though.

Any ideas from you other mommies out there? What kinds of things did you get your kids for Christmas when there were in the 2,3,4 range of age.


JAM said...

When we were kids, receiving the Sears, Penny's, and Speigel catalogs was a great time every year. Within a few days I had them memorized and within a couple of weeks cautiously let my parents know what I hoped you-know-who would bring me.

Lovely Wife and her sister did the same and would circle and initial the items they liked, which the adult family members could find and look at at their own pace.

When our girls were little, we'd take them to Toy-R-Us (a place I couldn't have imagined when I was a kid) and would intentionally walk up and down each and every aisle and let them take their time and look at things in person. It wouldn't be too long after these visits to TRU tha they'd let their wishes be known. They both were big Christmas list makers.

At 19 and 22 they still make a list for us.

Tina said...

I'm pretty sure I know someone else who'd enjoy those Wedgits. Only he's about 28 years older than Mim and shouldn't be encouraged to experiment. Experiments can turn out to be expensive and/or dangerous!

aftergrace said...

It's been a very long time ago...but, I seem to remember Alli, and Ren loving a Playschool type dollhouse, it came with a little family, pets, furniture, and other cool stuff. They played with that for hours. They also loved playing dressup. Still do, in a different sort of way. lol