Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Coup D' Etat

We got a new computer, so I'm going to be working on transferring today. All my pictures, songs, etc are in the old one, and I'm not even sure how to start the whole transfer process.

Oh, and I've also got a cabinet full of dishes. Full.

Therefore, I will post something interesting and insightful as soon as I've got the switch figured out, the dishwasher loaded, and my kids off to college. (I know, you're asking, "Why start now?")


aftergrace said...

At least you have a game plan, I'm still in my booting up stage. :)

Attolia said...

Ooh, new computer. :)

The easiest way I know to transfer things between computers is to use an external hard drive, but I'm sure A knows that and more besides.

JAM said...

Lovely Wife has a 2GB flash drive thingy and I mostly moved stuff to my new computer earlier this year by borrowing that.

If your old computer makes DVDs then you can get a set of blank ones and make data DVDs with all of your pics and whatnot on them. A single DVD will hold 4.7GB of data, so a hand full of them will should do the trick. Plus you'd then have the added bonus of having all your stuff backed up on disks other than your hard drive.

No DVD player on the old one? Then like Attolia said, might as well get an external hard drive. You can get a 250GB one for under $200 now.

Qtpies7 said...

Or you can get that flash drive for under $30 and use it whenever you need! We have 2 or 3.