Saturday, December 22, 2007


My husband just called my cell phone from up in the attic. He wanted me to get his drill bits for him so he didn't have to crawl back down the ladder.

I see that we've entered a new era of technology, and I'm not sure I like it.

On another note, it's currently snowing with 35 mph winds outside, and not a very pleasant day. I'm just glad there is no reason I need to even go as far as my front porch.

Sounds like a nice day for some hot chocolate and those warm grippy socks I bought for my own stocking. Luckily, we did our little family Christmas this morning, so the socks are accessible. I also put some little Snickers Nutcrackers in there. I might just have to break those out.

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aftergrace said...

Alli, Ren, and I text each other from across the house all of the time. It's especially helpful because we have a two story house, and it's easier than running up, and down the stairs. (although the excercise would be good for me)