Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Giddy-up and Say Cheese!

We had pictures taken this morning, and I'm afraid it's official: my children inherited my photographic disability. I thought it was just my bad camera skills, but no, my children just flat take awful pictures. It's not that they weren't cute. They were adorable between every camera flash, but unerringly blinked, stuck out their tongue, made a face, pouted or rolled their eyes at the instant the photographer snapped each picture. The lady taking the pictures said, "I think I'm going to just take serious pictures." Because every time we tried to get them to smile they looked like someone was behind them with a hot poker.

I am waiting with dreadful anticipation for the pictures to actually be printed so I can face the worst. So much for using these pictures for gifts to relatives. Well, I guess I can still use them for relatives, because they have to love us. It's the friends and acquaintances who probably won't be receiving those darling little photo-cards all the other good mommies of good children are sending out. So much for keeping up with the Joneses. Maybe I should just stick to taking strange pictures of them myself. At least I don't charge me $85. In my children's defense, I'll just say that had I been in the pictures as well, there would have been no improvement in the quality. They come by it honestly.

I have, however, fulfilled my duty to womanhood today and made several spiced tea mixes to give as gifts to Sunday school teachers and AWANA leaders. Yes, thank you, I know, I amaze myself sometimes. You know this required pouring actual ingredients into actual containers and then sort of decorating them, kind of. (Do stickers count?)

Anyway, that was enough creativity for the holidays. The rest of y'all are getting candles and you're going to like it, right?

Speaking of duties to womanhood, I guess I'd better go put on some makeup and get all gussied up for our Sunday school Christmas party tonight. Yee-Ha!


tina said...

1. I hope we're close enough to family to receive a darling little photo-card because you know I will proudly display it on my refrigerator in the collage of other darling little photo-cards, crayon drawings, and notes-on-scrap-paper we've received.

2. I really appreciate that you spelled y'all correctly. The misspelling of this non-word is one of my top 10 pet peeves.

aftergrace said...

You are right about it being tough to get perfect photos of little ones. I really like all the photos on your blog. I think your kids are darling, and that is genetic! You take mighty fine pictures, my dear.