Saturday, March 31, 2007

If you'd like to register to win this little beauty head over to 5 Minutes for Moms and follow the instructions. Yeah, I know, we won't win, but. . .what if. . . so I registered. You should too, and if you're one of my friends or relatives you'll have to let me borrow it some time and I'll do the same if . . one in a million. . (actually one in 359 as of this instant). . .one of us wins this lovely Dyson Slim.

Thanks for the pic JennaG. (I hope you don't mind. I cybersnitched it. Look, I'm giving you blog kudos as compensation. Of course that would be more impressive if more than 10 people read my blog. In fact, if you're reading this right now, and you're not JennaG, then head over to her place and leave a comment on something.) There. I would call those some well used parentheses. They're busting at the seams.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thanks and a Little Stream of Consciousness

I've appreciated the help of all my blogging buddies and other real-life relatives and friends in getting through another crazy week. Hubs should be home tomorrow morning, so we're on the home stretch.

I'm sure it's quite pathetic of me to need people so desperately, but there it is. I don't think it's something that's going to change. When my husband and I were looking for his first job after college, our dream was to find a job here at home with our families. We didn't think it would happen, honestly, but we prayed and decided that we would just move home anyway, and hope against hope. It turned out to be even better than we had hoped, which just proves that God takes care of us, even when we are having faith issues. Just a few days before we would've left for an interview in Texas, a friend of a friend got my husband an interview with a company 13 miles from our home town, and the rest is history.

My family and my In-laws, not to mention aunts uncles, cousins and old school friends, have been great supports. Whenever we're bored in the evenings there's always someone to invite over for supper. When my son had his third birthday we decided to just invite family. We ended up with 22 adults there, and we really could've kept going without inconveniencing anyone.

When I was growing up, we lived most of my life in a different state from both sets of grandparents. That means lots of travel, and, now that I'm older, I realize it means my mom did a whole lot of things all by herself, and on a young preacher's salary, no less. Of course, she's a tough lady. For instance, she's the one who put the comment about Richard Cory in my whiny post earlier this week. She's never been one to put up with my angst. I so much wanted my own children to grow up around their extended family, like my husband did. I don't remember disliking all the moving we did when I was little, because that was just the way life was. But now that I'm older, I want to settle.

Who knows what the future holds. I would like to think that I'm mature enough to handle it now if God called us to live somewhere else, but those are the kinds of things you only discover when the need arises.

The following picture is, left to right, my sister, my youngest sister-in-law, me, my cousin, and my oldest sister-in-law (still younger than me, though.) This is my baby shower for Zaya. Which is why I look pudgy and naive.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

These are Thirteen of my favorite genre fiction authors. This is not to say that I don't read anyone else, but these are the authors that I go out of my way to read and collect. There are some Christian and some secular. If anyone would like more information, I'm always glad to talk about my favorite books! If I were a good TTer, I'd go find you all some pictures or something, but, umm, these are authors, so just use you imagination. You'll have to when you read the books anyway, so it's good practice.

1. Frank Peretti - Classic. Christian Fiction in it's earlier and, in my opinion, better, times
2. C.S. Lewis - I love his apologetics and his fiction
3. G.K. Chesterton - Father Brown is great. He's very wise, if you pay attention and look for it.
4. Terry Pratchett - See previous TT. Satirical Fantasy
5. Agatha Christie - Well, what can I say, if you like mysteries, you like Christie.
6. Dorothy Sayers - Hands down one of my absolute favorites. I wish she'd written much, much more. When she stopped writing detective fiction, she did some apologetic work, which is also great.
7. Ngaio Marsh - Also a great mystery writer. Prolific and interesting.
8. Rex Stout - Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. What's not to love? A&E also has two seasons worth of these mysteries out on DVD, and they're great. (And cheaper now than when I bought them.) There are so many books that you can go for a long time without re-reading. (But I don't, because I have a bad memory. I love to re-read.)
9. Erle Stanley Gardiner - Also incredibly prolific. Perry Mason was a whole generation's introduction to the courtroom.
10. Alistair MacLean - This is more like spy thriller, except it's cleaner than most. I've loved MacLean's books for years and years.
11. Helen MacInnes - Similar to MacLean, but slightly different in a womanly way. (ie There is usually a small romantic interest. Don't worry, it doesn't interfere with the story. Well, I guess MacLean's have that too.)
12. Mary Stewart - I would call these romantic suspense. You have to read her first nine. They get weird after that.
13. Carolyn Keene - Well, I don't know who this person really was, but we just can't ignore Nancy Drew, now can we?

Oh, Okay, and J.R.R. Tolkein, of course. That's 14, I know, but who can leave him out of a list of favorites?

Check here for more Thursday Thirteen.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mommy, What are you Watching?

I just saw about the funniest newscast I've seen in a long time. Matt Lauer was interviewing Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. (For all my relatives who don't watch TV, Matt Lauer is the main male anchor on The Today Show on NBC.) Yes, I'm sure it's a repeat episode, but somehow I hadn't seen it before.

Cookie Monster had allegedly given up cookies, and Matt was trying to find out why. Now Cookie Monster has pretty much always been my favorite character anyway. Who wouldn't love a big furry blue puppet who says things like "Me find meself on horn of dilemma" or "Me go through sea change" or "It bit esoteric, but what the hey."

In the interview there is a mix of Muppets and people in the background holding homemade posters, just like the loonies on the actual Today show. Two puppets are holding signs saying "Marry Me Mindy" and fighting for the front row. Others have signs cheering on Matt or Cookie Monster.

It turns out, of course, that Cookie Monster hasn't actually given up cookies. He just likes a little fruit every now and then too. (Sesame Street is increasingly PC these days.)He accuses Matt of blowing things "way out of proportion" in typical media fashion. At the end, CM eats all the fruit, and a cookie that Matt has brought out to tempt him, and Matt's microphone. Now that's classic entertainment. I'd rather watch that then the actual Today show.

This funny post at Big Mama's blog reminded me of a similar experience of my own. I suppose we've all had them. I don't usually post pictures of myself, but this is about what my expression looked like after this episode. (I'm wearing make-up in the picture. I'd say that's the only surefire cure for my problem, but I hate it. If I'd been wearing it this day. . .)

When hubby and I were still in college, we were roaming around the Super-Walmart not spending money, because we didn't have any. A "very nice" little older lady caught me in the main aisle and led me to one of the empty car-care aisles. She said,

"I just wanted to tell you some of the things that I remember worked for my acne when I was young."

Yeah, no kidding. She proceeded to tell me several different home remedies for acne, like Dawn dish detergent, and a paste made of salt and water. She also berated me for the things she could tell I had been doing to take care of it.

Ummm. Thanks, really. Then she said she had to talk to me about it, because she could tell I was a pretty girl underneath those blemishes. I think at that point she could've told me I was the spit and image of Princess Diana, Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, or Audrey Hepburn, and I wouldn't have felt complimented.

I'm enough removed from the event now that all I feel is a mild pity for her family and friends. Oh yeah, and I still fight acne at age 27. Of course, I never did try her ideas. . .

Monday, March 26, 2007

Just Dribbling

I'm feeling particularly inadequate today. Probably because I'm alone again for another week, and there are a lot of things ahead of me on which I will be doing a mediocre job.

Don't most people have at least one thing that they do really well? Art, music, crafts, sewing, gardening, speaking, designing, baking. . .the list could go on and on, but you get the idea.

There are so many things that I want to do well. Even leaving the arts behind; I would be happy with cleaning, cooking, mothering... but as I mentioned in a recent post, I think I'm hitting a C average in all of them. Whenever I visit other mothers in our community, I feel so completely useless. They take care of their families, help their husbands run the farm, have little side businesses where they sell things and have "parties" and still manage to wear matching clothes and makeup. How do they do it? Last time I went to a women's ministries committee meeting I left it depressed. I would be ashamed for those ladies to see my house, and I wanted to curl up in the chair and hide so they wouldn't even see me. They're nice ladies, too, and I'm an extrovert, but they make me feel pathetic. Maybe I'm just stylistically challenged. Yeah, yeah, that's it. It's not my fault.

No, I think I'm just lazy, and here I am blogging about it when I should be cleaning my house and trying to get ready for the day. It's hard to have coherent thoughts anyway with Dragon Tales blaring in my living room. I'll stop whining and get to work.

Thanks for listening.

Update: Here's a link to the poem referenced in the third comment. I hope it's not entirely apt, but I certainly get the picture. Thanks.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Toddler Tour Guide

Dissatisfied with controlling the basic aspects of our family life, Mim is also trying to make sure we're aware of the things we encounter when we're out on the road. She's been pointing out big trucks (Big Kwuck) for a while now, but lately it's been cows too.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!"

"What!," I say patiently.


"Yes, indeed. A cow. A whole field full, in fact."

This happens everytime we're out, because this is the season when a lot of the wheat fields are being grazed out. There are cows everywhere. Thursday, on the way home from Grandma C's house, Mim starts her familiar chant,

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. . ad infinitum"

"Yes Mim, What!," I coo.

She points at a totally empty field and says,

"No cows!"

"Ummm...yes, you're quite right. Not a cow in the whole field."

This child is going to make sure we don't miss a thing. I'm going to have to have more kids someday just so she'll have someone other than her brother and me to boss around. But that's a little cruel for those nebulous new siblings, I suppose. I know Zaya would appreciate a little spreading around of her mothering tendencies. She tries to control his life, but since he's three, she has about as much success as I do, which is to say, minimal.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

This is my 100th post, but I'm not going to make it the Thursday One Hundred or anything. Just thought I'd mention it. I can't even think of thirteen things about the number 100.

A caveat for my previous TT post. Just in case any of you went out and read Terry Pratchett, don't think that I agree with his worldview. I'm not recommending him as a spiritual mentor.

Thirteen Animals that My Son is Attached To, and Which Must Be Available at All Times in Case He Decides They are in Favor. The sheep are first.

1. Lillian - Special Sheep numero uno. She even has a character on our wii (called a mii) Picture above.
2. Marion - Grey sheep who came with a little lamb of her own named. .

3. Jaqueline - See above. Also grey.

4. Vivian - A Gigantic bloated plush monstrosity. Actually belongs to Mim, but she's hardly allowed to touch it.

5. Evelen - A tiny little lamb, perfect for carting around.

6. Magdalene - This Easter's new addition. He found her in K-mart and fell in love. What could I do? She is quite soft or , Ossss, as Mim says.

7. Julian - A beautiful sheep made by hand by his Great Aunt Jalyth. Thank you!

8. Eunice, Lois and Dorcas - The three "Little People" sheep that came with our Fisher Price nativity set. (They're new testament sheep, hence the change in name pattern.)

Now we leave the sheep. . .

9. Lupe - A timber wolf. Carried around by his soft little neck. Whenever Mim grabs him, she howls like a wolf. Then howls like a baby because Zaya has probably just smacked her and taken him back

10. Rainbow - I'm not proud of this one. It's an aqua colored Care Bear with a rainbow on its belly. It belongs, once again, to Mimsy, but she daren't touch it. It, like Vivian, has been co-opted by brother. Also has her own mii.

11. Amarillo - A huge bloated duck, along the lines of Vivian. Drug around the house for a long time, with its plush belly gathering dust, hair, and all sorts of disgusting things that end up on the floor of a middle-class home.

12. De-Peuw - A disturbing skunk puppet, where one is required to insert one's hand under his tail. Speaks in a greasy French accent, and has his Doctorate. Pictured below performing his medical duties.

13. Lion Puppet - Yes, the name really says it all. He's a lion puppet. We celebrated his birthday a couple weeks back. Mommy even made him a cake. He is the one receiving CPR attention in the picture below.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Vagaries of Life in T-ville

My daughter has finally attached herself to what those annoying parenting magazines call a "lovey". Two of them, actually. She has a white and pink puppy that Grandma T gave her for Valentine's Day, and a soft, silky, satiny, pink blanket that Mommy picked up at Wal-mart for. . ummm. . .happy Tuesday, or some such other important, worldwide holiday. (Ok, yes, I spoil my children. I'll pay the piper later, I know, but right now I'm enjoying the music.) Zaya has always liked his animals; sheep particularly, but he has never picked one thing to which he is truly "attached". He rotates. I hope he understands that it's not going to work that way for the rest of his life. Even if he can find five or six different women who are willing to hang on his arm, it's just not socially acceptable.

In other news. . .

Zaya is doing much better. He still holds his ears peridodically throughout the day, and I still give him Tylenol a few times a day, but all in all, he's much better. The best thing is. . . no more snoring! For the last four or five nights, he hasn't snored at all. Yeah! That means, of course, that the sleep apnea is gone. It also means, then, that it was worth all the pain and stress. It would've been anyway, because his tonsils and adenoids were "huge" according to his surgeon, but it's good to see some immediate, measurable results and improvements. It is very difficult to tell when he's asleep now, though. Spousy and I have to sneak through Zaya's room to get to our own, (I love my apartment, I love my apartment, I love my apartment) so we try to wait until he's asleep or he gets all worked up and wants to play. Last night he saw me sneaking through and came over to get a hug. He sighed and said, "I like you, Mom." Well, I suppose that's a good enough reason to get out of bed. I told him I liked him too, and we probably both slept better for it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Blue gets a Clue

This is for all of you mommies and daddies out there who - have had to, are having to, or will have to - watch way too many episodes of Blue's Clues.

I've discovered a way to make the whole episode much, much funnier; especially with Steve. Imagine, as the front door opens, that instead of a young preschooler talking to Steve, it's a man in a white lab coat with a clipboard and reading glasses. The whole show takes on new meaning.

"Yes, Steve, that's quite interesting. Are you telling me that you really do see this 'clue' of which you speak? What do you think that means? No, no, Steve. What colors do you think we should mix to get green?"

I think Blue's probably in on it, but I don't think the other's are. Except maybe Mailbox. I'm thinking a cross between High Anxiety and The Matrix.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The glass is. . .

Nero Wolfe says (roughly), "Pessimists have only pleasant surprises, optimists only unpleasant ones." This was one of my mottoes even before I read that the seventh-of-a-ton detective himself believed it. It makes sense, really. My loving spouse accuses me frequently of being a pessimist. I deny it with the all too common response of, "It's not pessimism, it's realism" but he's probably right. Which is why I was surprised this week to be unpleasantly surprised not once, but twice!

First, I didn't think it would take as long as it has for Zaya to recover from his surgery. He's still in a lot of pain as soon as his Tylenol starts to wear off (which is always before I can give him another dose) and we haven't all had a good nights sleep since the surgery. This is day eight. I thought for sure we'd all be better by now. I didn't remember hurting this long, and I was 14 when I had my surgery. My dad had a good point, though. He said, "Well, he's still young enough that he's got nothing to prove, so he's going to cry at a 4 on the pain scale just like he would a 7 or 8." True, true, so I'm trying to adjust my expectations a bit.(Dad's a nurse, hence the numbers.)

My second surprise is my poor little blog. I was so excited when Kilikina told me about bloglines, and I now read about 45 different blogs, some more faithfully than others. I was excited to see that I had 6 subscribers of my own. Now, I see that I've lost a subscriber! I only have 5! It's ridiculous that I should care about that, but I do. It hurts. Of course, I've dropped blogs before when I decided they weren't what I thought they would be, but being the (apparently) arrogant optimist that I am, I was cruelly smitten by that dropped subscriber. The wound is still raw. I have to remind myself that I am writing this blog to let family and friends know about my little family. If other's are bored by that. . .so be it. I have to keep telling myself that. Grandma P, one of my favorite lurkers, is much more important than whoever dropped that line, and faithful Grandma C, who doesn't have a computer, but requests hard copies sent through the snail mail of my posts, is also infinitely more important than my nebulous former subscriber. So there. Everything's fine.

This optimism is hard stuff, though. Whew.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11

My 13 favorite Terry Pratchett books (Discworld)

1. Guards! Guards!
2. Men at Arms
3. Feet of Clay
4. Jingo
5. The Fifth Elephant
6. Night Watch
7. Thief of Time
8. Monstrous Regiment
9. Going Postal
10. Thud!
11. Moving Pictures
12. Soul Music
13. Interesting Times

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

C+ Mommy

I decided that I've earned about a C+ so far in Parenting 101. I decided this while I was sprinkling extra sugar sprinkles onto a pan of Rice Krispies treats. What kind of mother adds extra sugar to marshmallow covered cereal squares? I mean, really. That right there shoots my chance at an A. Then, to top it all off, my kids are watching Blue's Clues. . .again. I've got all these great educational games, toys and books, but they're not doing a whole lot of good up there in the closet. Instead, I blog while my children's brains slowly turn into gelatin and ooze out their noses. Which reminds me, we need more Kleenex.

I'm down to a straight C now, but I'm giving myself extra credit for scrubbing and cleaning the kitchen three times in three days, and for vacuuming under the couch cushions yesterday. Maybe I can earn some more points after naptime. It's not looking good, though. My toddler just had to remind me to give him his antibiotic. He calls it "The Medicine that Says, "Get Away Those Germs." You know, that bubble gum flavored stuff they won't give adults. (No matter how much I beg.)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mim has decided that it's her job to keep this house in line. I hoped to avoid the bossy-missy by having my daughter second, instead of first, like I was. So far, I'm leaning toward a genetic explanation for bossiness. I suppose part of the problem is that she just ran Grandma ragged over the weekend while Mommy and Daddy were with brother in the city. We came back to Her Royal Highness just in time, I think. Poor Grandma was so tired. My kids have two wonderful Grandmas, and we are thrilled to live so close to them, but they must occasionally wish we would come to visit and then leave for a week or two. (They deny this, but surely the idea crops up sometimes.)

Anyway, my little angel is running around saying (yelling) things like:

"No, No! Mimmy's Neigh!" (rocking horse)

"Aya! (Zaya) 'Mon! (C'mon)"

"Outside! Outside!"

And when she doesn't get her way, she throws herself to the ground in total disappointment and frustration. Yes, we are disciplining her, but it's slow going. She's derived great joy from emptying out any bag/wallet/box she can find, so at least it's giving me incentive to unpack and settle back in quickly.

Of course, we've had lots of time for Mimmy hugs, too, which involve Mim tucking both arms completely under her body as she leans against your shoulder. Who wouldn't want to come home to a hug like that, even if her crown scratches your face a little as she wiggles and laughs.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

We're all still here

Update: Last night went fairly well. He's eating a bit better, too. Mim must have bossed Grandma's socks off this weekend, because we came back to a "Queen of the Castle." I hope that wears off as soon as Zaya's pain does.

Zaya's surgery went well yesterday. It was quick, if not painless. He's fine as long as he's on his pain medicine, but I can definitely tell when it starts to wear off. Most of yesterday, and all this morning, he played video games with Daddy. We figured it kept him happy and still, so it was worth it. He's eating a bit, and drinking a bit. Not as much as we'd like, but enough, probably. He slept fairly well, even if Mommy didn't. I think the stress and the early mornings caught up with me. I'm better now, though. Mim was great with Grandma, too. She slept well, and wasn't even very fussy. Yeah!! Thank you God!

Also thanks to all of you who were praying for us. Your kind words and encouragements have meant so much to us.

The picture is from last night. Zaya was hurting, but it wasn't time for his medicine yet, so my uncle started playing his cello for Zaya, and it just calmed him right down. He played one of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which is a favorite of Zaya's. It was a nice, peaceful moment, and allowed the rest of us to eat while Daddy held a napping toddler.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thanks and see you Monday (I hope)

Thanks you so much to everyone who has commented and prayed for us. We leave today for the city for Zaya's surgery, and will be at the hospital at 5:45 tomorrow morning. You've all been great. I've looked up the recommended verses and been blessed; and I'm not just saying that. 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4 even made me tear up a bit, Attolia. (Your support means a lot, since I know your past. See you Friday, cuz.) I'll still be reading my comments etc. through the weekend, but can't promise I'll have time to post anything more than quick updates, if that. It's all in God's hands.

I've got to go pack. Love you guys.

Scroll down for Thursday Thirteen. I'll try to return your visits, but it may be late.

Thursday Thirteen #10

13 Reasons my generation gets their news from the internet.

1. You can check the news any time you want, not at 4,5 and 9.

2. You can go directly to websites that have the kind of news you're interested in reading.

3. You don't have to watch/read the stories you couldn't care less about. (ie The water main break in Big City that doesn't affect you in the slightest)

4. No commercials. Car ads make me want to scream.

5. No unrealistic anchors. They also make me want to scream. Who are they kidding?

6. I can choose how much "human interest" I'm up for on any given day.

7. No one is trying to pretend they're interested in my life and concerns. Again I say, "Who are they kidding?"

8. The OJ trial. I know I sure got tired of that one.

9. My toddlers don't need to hear about all the horror and blood.

10. Whenever I turn on the TV it reminds my kids that they would like to watch videos or play video games and I either have to give in or keep saying, "NO".

11. I can see video of the serial killer they just caught, or not, as I choose.

12. No one is promising me that the weather, which is all I'm probably watching for anyway, will be on "next".

13. News search engines. If you know what you want, they can't be beat.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Be anxious for nothing. . .

My little fellow is having his tonsils and adenoids out early Friday morning. I wouldn't say I'm a nervous wreck, but I'm certainly no placid drive through the orchard either. His tonsils are huge, and block his breathing. He snores like an old man (And I should know, because my "old man" snores. Love you, Dad!) and he has asthma and sleep apnea. He also has a mommy who has a face like a horse and spent four years in braces trying to fix a crazy, messed up mouth. I'm hoping to correct/avoid several of these problems by having this taken care of early. . . .but, man, it's hard. I guess it's not as hard now as it was to make the official decision to go through with it. All the "what ifs" are crowding into my mind, and I almost literally have to push them away. Over and over. Be anxious for nothing. . .be anxious for nothing. . .And the peace of God which guards your heart. Yeah, I know, I know. Please let me feel that peace.

I know there are so many of you out there who have experienced much, much more traumatic events in the lives of your children. I know that I'm a comparative weakling. My heart goes out to those of you who are also making this decision now, or soon. It's not easy to know that your child is going to hurt, and know that he's not old enough to understand that. The thought of telling my sweet little guy, "It's ok, go with the nice doctor and everything will be all right;" with the full knowledge that he will be in pain very soon. . . Ugh.

And what about my other little sweetheart? Mim has never been away from Mommy for a night, and this will probably be two. (We don't live in a city, so we have to travel a bit) Will she be angry, or scared, or hurt. . .No, she'll be fine. She'll be with Grandma, who she loves very much. . .but. . .what if..

Be anxious for nothing, be anxious for nothing... The peace of God which passeth all understanding... Lord God, consider this my supplication, please.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I just wanted to make sure that everyone who commented on my post A Serious Question knows how much I appreciated their advice and words of wisdom. You were all very sweet, and took a lot of time out of your busy lives to help someone you may not even know at all. So thank you!

Monday, March 05, 2007

We had a wild and crazy weekend. Daddy got home from Minnesota at 2:00am Saturday morning, and we had Zaya's birthday party Saturday afternoon. We only invited close family, but that was still 22 adults and three toddlers (counting mine). We had a lot of fun, and I'm so glad Daddy's plane made it through the snow. I didn't get the house completely clean, but Daddy helped tremendously, because he's just that kind of guy.

Sunday's are always crazy here. That whole "day of rest" thing is a bit misleading. Between worship team practice, worship time, nursery, teaching sunday school, special music, nursery again, family dinner, late naps, small group. . .oh well. I'm the one who said, "yes" so I should probably stop complaining.

I have to share a toddler anecdote. Zaya loves learning about how the body works. Particularly the digestive system. He knows what the esophagus is, but one of his books called it a "food tube" (I hate it when authors try to dumb things down) and so he sometimes calls it the one, and sometimes the other. Friday he was talking about his food tube and the following conversation ensued.

"Zaya, what is your food tube's real name?"


"Yes, that's right. It's called the esophagus."

"Yup. That is right. That's its name. Food Tube Esophagus Johnson*"

"Ummm. It's not the same thing as a person's name, honey. It's just what it's called. Body parts don't have middle and last names."

Life must be so confusing when you're three! The picture is from a particularly plushy snugglefest in sister's crib the same day.

*Name changed to protect the innocent. Just imagine it with your own last name and you'll get an idea of the essential cuteness factor (ECF).

Friday, March 02, 2007


I'll be taking a three day blogging break. I hope to return on Monday. Until then, I will be cleaning my house, having a birthday party for Zaya, and recovering from the week. My loving spouse returns late, late tonight from his trip. (If his plane flies out of all that MN snow) I've been neglecting my house, and it's time to give it some loving attention.