Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pictures from Nerdville

Here are the promised pictures. I hope. Thanks for all the picture advice. Actually, A discovered GIMP last night and downloaded it. (Then I read your comment this morning, Attolia, so you reaffirmed our decision. Thanks!) So far I really like it, (It was the "free" part that really grabbed us!) but I'll need to work with it a while to get used to everything. It can already do everything my old program did for me, though. I finally figured out the shrunken picture problem.

This is Tina and C'aunt S. (My husband's cousin) Zaya's being a goober, as usual.

This is C'uncle M (left) and Kergin (right) showing us all up on Guitar Hero. C'uncle M plays the guitar for real (very well) and Kergin has played the game way..too..much, so they're both very good. (C'uncle N is sitting in the background here.)

Here's Mr. Joe and Ms. Tina snuggling with the kids. We keep telling them they should just have their own, since they have so much fun with ours, but I suppose that kind of thing should be left to them to decide. Maybe. They do have a puppy, so that's a start. (Just kidding, Tina. I know, that's annoying.)

OK, I think that's everyone who was there, except A and I of course. Hmmm. I suppose in all fairness I should include a picture of us. Luckily they're kind of fuzzy because the friend who grabbed my camera to immortalize my Guitar Hero stint didn't know which setting to use. (Thanks Tina!) Oh, and yes, in case you wonder, I am wearing sweatpants and no makeup to a party. Thanks for asking. Did I mention I'm not cool?


Tina said...

Did you notice that I, too, was wearing no makeup, a ponytail, and a very stylish jeans/t-shirt combo? I'd say you and I are pretty much on the cutting edge of fashion.

Could you e-mail the (original sized) pictures to me? I'd like proof that I'm not the nerdiest of all of my friends and there are some pretty incriminating shots there!

Attolia said...

LOL, you know the nerdy guys wouldn't have noticed your sweats and lack of makeup anyway. :P

And I'm glad GIMP is working well so far. :)

Tendrils said...

Sounds and looks like loads of fun!!!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

aftergrace said...

You all look like you had great fun, I want to hang out with you guys.

Qtpies7 said...

Woohoo! Rock on!

I love Guitar Hero, and we have lots of all night competitions between the kids and I.