Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Streppin' out in Style

Well, it's official. This season's illness of choice is Strep Throat. I'm a little confused, since Zaya has not had a sore throat, but a cough. However, the lab tests don't lie, so he has had his first dose of antibiotics and we're hoping our Christmas with the family we haven't visited yet can proceed soon. (Just pray with us that no one else catches it.) I'm so glad that we decided not to go to the family meals we missed when he started running a fever.

OK, so the title's "Streppin'" part was Zaya. The "Out in Style" part is for my husband, who flashed (or briefed, rather) any late revelers in our neighborhood on Christmas Eve. That sounds worse than it was. Actually, our cat, Gatito, was yeowlling at one of the other toms on the street. We'd had about as much as we could stand, so A went out onto the front porch in his briefs to give the cat a swift kick off the porch.

His recent flight notwithstanding, Gatito continued to yeowl, so A got out his wrist rocket and proceeded to shoot hard Christmas candy from my dish in the kitchen at the neighboring tom. He said it was quite effective, because all he had to do was hit underneath the cat, and the impact shattered the candy and sent it flying in all directions. Sort of like tiny festive land mines.

Anyway, my apologies to Mrs. W, Mrs. G and Mrs. M, or anyone else looking out their windows on Christmas Eve. Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. In whatever he's wearing.

The picture above is of the kids with their favorite Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy. Bubble wrap.


Sandy Carlson said...

I hope your family is feeling better. Strep was our first health nightmare when my daughter was very young. God bless!

aftergrace said...

Sounds like things are happening at your place. Too funny about "A" and the cat. No matter about what he was wearing, at least it added some fun to the neighborhood, right? :)