Thursday, December 13, 2007

Perky Pictures

I figured out my picture problem, so for any family members, curious internet folk, or relatives-who-finally-decided-to-visit-my-blog-since-I-put-your-picture-in-it (yeah, you know who you are) that have been dying to see normal size pictures of our Nerd Herd party (That's what Tina has named us) you can scroll down or just follow this link right here. Yeah, This high-lit part.

I had taken all the images from a thumbnails folder, which apparently GIMP creates for all the pictures in your folders, instead of an actual pictures folder. Oops.

Consider yourself warned. If you were looking for perfection, technical expertise, or even competency, you came to the wrong blog anyway.


tina said...

Very sneaky of you to leave the picture of you an A thumbnail sized ;)

Babystepper said...

Yes, well, you know...