Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sliding Through the Summer

This summer has actually been more busy than the school year thus far, and shows no sign of slowing. We've somehow filled our days, and I haven't even signed the kids up for swim lessons, which was something I'd been hoping to manage. We haven't even been swimming yet, actually.

Never fear, water has not been absent from our lives. Last year, Art was able to get some scrap material from work, and it has been worth its weight in plastic and whatever else is involved in its make-up. It's possibly one of the world's best slip 'n slide materials, and we have a yard that goes downhill in all directions. It's a match made in summertime heaven.

The slip 'n slide has seen much use from Mim and Zaya, neighborhood friends, cousins and homeschool friends. This kills large strips of the lawn, or would if Aaron didn't move it regularly, and adds quite a bit of water to the creek at the edge of our yard. It's all worth it, though. They get tons of exercise, and play for hours. Ahhh.