Friday, December 28, 2007

Status Quo

Thanks for everyone's opinions on the possible blog name for my spouse. After consulting with him and weighing all of your input, I've decided to call him Art. It's short, easy to write, and makes sense in its own way since it's actually his initials. I'm sure you all care.

Zaya is finally over his fever and is on antibiotics. Mim, however, is in day two of her fever, so life for Mommy hasn't changed much. Oh, except that Zaya has started up his asthma today, but I'm just thanking God that it came after the Strep instead of at the same time, which would possibly have pushed me over the brink towards insanity.

Luckily we had Christmas here and with my family the day before the kids got sick, so they have some new toys to play with. Mommy has some new books to read and some new videos to watch; Daddy has had lots of time to work on the back of the house (with some new Christmas present tools) and has made some visible progress, which always helps out the spirit of a do-it-yourselfer, so all in all things could really be a lot worse.

Mim has been playing with blocks (including the new Creata blocks from Grandma Lilibeth) In the picture above, Mim has decided the Creatas are feeding troughs. She said to me, "It looks like the animals talkin'" When I asked what they were talking about she said, "They talkin' 'bout they wimmy poo." (Translation: They're talking about their swimming pool.) She decided that the big blue one is their swimming pool. Cow is taking a dip in this picture. She then decided to make a potty for them, but out of consideration for Uncle E and Grandma P I chose not to take photos of each animal going potty, which they did. Several times.

We're still planning to make a late trip to Texas and have our postponed family Christmas with Art's family. At least I don't have that post-holiday funk this year, since there's still so much to look forward to. My glass is half-full. (of what, I'm not sure.)

(I know, I ended several sentences on a preposition in this post. I don't really want to go back and fix them, though, so I'm not going to. Hee hee.)


Qtpies7 said...

Cute! I think you should show the potty pics, too, lol. But then, you know my blog......... LOL

I think this is the first Christmas I have enjoyed in many, many years. I hate all the greedy stuff about Christmas, but this year I just enjoyed my family and it was great. I hope your late Christmas is wonderful.

aftergrace said...

It sounds like things are on the upswing at your place. I'm glad you are going to be able to make the trip to Texas, there's much to see, and do, and many things to keep the little ones very busy.
I must add that ending a sentence with a preposition is a habit of mine. I really never pay attention to the mechanics of writing, which probably drives a few crazy. At least we can keep them entertained.

Lilibeth said...

When you jump into writing you never know what you will end up with...

I'm glad she likes the little feeding troughs and wimmy poos and poo poos.

Lilibeth said...

Oh...I've heard of the ok corral but not the NXCPY corral

Babystepper said...

It took me a while to figure out your last comment, Lilibeth. Actually, Joshua figured it out looking over my shoulder.

Sarah said...

Yes, I am not sure what Caleb has...either pneumonia, strept throat, or "just common cold" BUT I really doubt it is just a cold with the fevers.

I hope your kids are doing better. DID you hear anything about totoos yet? QTPIES7 has the info...I can ask her again, too...please let me know