Friday, December 07, 2007

Mandarin Pooh ("Winnie The", that is)

A is for Apple, juicy and sweet. B is for Basket with good things to eat.

Once again, tonight, I find myself glad that I do not speak Chinese. Why, you ask? Because of a little classic called "Pooh's ABCs". We only have 26 letters in our alphabet. The way God intended it to be, I'm sure. The Chinese, on the other hand, have 47,035 in one of their dictionaries. That's letters, people not words. Definitely unholy. Can you just imagine the children's stories? I think I'm tired by the time I get to "Y is for yellow, sparkly and bright. Z is for zipper; zip it up tight."

Why do these thoughts cross my head every night? Because Mim wants to read the above mentioned curse on mankind every..single...night. Nothing like tradition to keep a toddler going, and woe be unto the knowlessman who attempts to change it.

Another tradition here in the Babystepper household is the Bee-O and Hot too-lockat. As soon as Mim wakes up in the morning or from her nap, she wants to "watch a bee-o and drink hot too-lockat. (The picture above is Mim pre-hot too-lockat) I'll put in a Baby Einstein video for her (am I a yuppy or what?) and then prepare her some hot chocolate, which is actually warm milk with a little Ovaltine in it. (She only watches the video for about 10 minutes; as long as it takes to drain her drink) If I don't get on the ball with the Hot Chocolate the voice of her delicate little majesty reverberates through the house, "HOT TOO-LOCKAT!!!!". She's amazingly docile once she gets it though. Of course, I imagine the ravening lion is amazingly docile once he's gorged himself on antelope and roared the rest of the pride into submission. What's one little Mommy to do?

Actually, there has been amazing, nay stunning, progess on the Mim front this week. Not only is she going to sleep without a bottle (That's right, you heard it first here, folks) but she has worn panties all this week. That's right, big-girl panties. WOO-HAA! Triumph! Exultation! NO MORE DIAPERS!! WAL-MART, YOU WILL NOT DRAIN MY WALLET AGAIN!!

Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. I think I can always find something to waste my money on in Wal-mart. Diapers or no diapers.

Oh, and don't worry C'auntie, I didn't let her drink chocolate with that beautiful quilt on. It was just for the photo shoot.


Qtpies7 said...

Oh, we have our hot chocolate monster here, too. Crazy little girls! But who would deny a woman in the making her chocolate? They need it, too. It is our right was women, young or old.

MJP said...

The dream of every first-grade teacher is to have students whose moms read that book to them every night. I remember sitting with a little group of students every day, going through the alphabet chart, " a-a-a apple...".

aftergrace said...

Q is for quivering as I think about hot chocolate on the quilt! Just kidding, glad you cleared the air about the quilt being off limits for hot chocolate comsumption. lol