Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I have issues with raisins. I mean, really, who was the first person who thought, "Oh, look, my grape dried up into something small and nasty, that looks remarkably like rodent poo. I think I'll eat it, and maybe put it in all my oatmeal cookies." I have the same questions/problems with prunes and other kinds of dried fruits. I'm supposed to provide healthy food for my children, but I don't really like healthy food, not if it's exemplified by dried fruits.

I love the idea of making my own healthy snacks for my family, growing fresh fruits and vegetables, owning a cow, a few goats and a flock of chickens, but when it really comes right down to it, I'm lazy. If it takes more than 10-15 minutes to prepare, I'm not interested. When I'm hungry, I'm just hungry. I get weak, tired and nauseous, so there'd better be something quick in the cabinet. Then I'm full, so I've got no interest in preparing some nice whole-grain cookies to store for the next time I'm hungry. Who wants to cook when they're full? I think I need to pray that God gives me. . .what?. . motivation? Maybe a sense of perspective. Maybe a kick in the pants. Those are dangerous prayers, though.


Anonymous said...

The book I used to make babyfood, has recipe's for healthy snack ideas etc. If you are interested I can share that with you sometime. The catch is you do have to prepare them HOWEVER lots of them can be done all at once, then frozen until you want to eat it. Not that it's that easy.

Some healthy easy on hand snacks we have: applesauce (motts offers no sugar), cheese (served with apple slices is great), bananna (served with peanut butter is awesome). Nuts are good (not so much for kids though). Ice pops are not healthy but don't have many calories, easy to do etc. You could make little granola bars, or "cookies" with dried fruit. You don't have to use raisins.

Hope that helps some.

Noillirac said...

Thanks for the tips, Kili.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous but totally effective prayers... Hang in there! Small steps make huge impacts when they all add up!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. You were right about God's majesty in the ocean or mountains. We just moved to this area, so I am all about exploring to the east and west of us - mountains or ocean!


Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for leaving your welcome comment on my blog.
I added you to my links some time ago, but have not been able to find you there.
Will have to keep trying.
Another healthy snack I still like is apple slices dipped natural peanut butter (no additives) Most peanut butters have hydrogenated shortening added. bad stuff!
I have also found that many prepared products like salad dressings, etc have MSG added to enhance the flavor. MSG is horrible for everyone. Some people have a severe reaction to it, and it can cause behavorial problems besides.
I think most important is to pray for the Lord to bless everything we consume, including our water.

Anonymous said...

My children and I eat buttered uncooked bacon. It's got lots of riboflavin and since its a legume....probably....it has lots of dis-hydrogenated-trans-fat-carbo-protein lipids which are good for teeth.