Monday, November 27, 2006

Young Shepherd Update:

I pulled out all of our Christmas decorations today. Included was a Little People Nativity with the "shepherds on a hill" expansion set. Isaiah promptly claimed one of the little plastic sheep and told me
"I am a good shepherd. I will take care of the sheep."
He's been running around the house talking to it, stroking its head, introducing it to his other sheep and generally being weird. He finally got distracted and I put it back where it goes. I can see keeping my set together is going to be a real challenge this year.

The picture is from VBS this last summer. Grandma had a small flock of sheep out in the "Bethlehem courtyard". We had a hard time getting him away from them.


Anonymous said...

Well at least it gives you an easy way to explain Christ to him

Noillirac said...

Actually, we have talked about that, but the concept of analogy is still a bit beyond him.