Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fun, fun

The funniest thing I saw yesterday was a farmer using his bib overalls and a stuffed wolf cub to play peek-a-boo. It was my father-in-law, and he was entertaining Zaya in the ER, while I held a breathing treatment mask on his face. We both laughed and laughed, which was a nice change from all the stress.

Zaya was really having trouble with his asthma yesterday, and by evening he was still wheezing after all the breathing treatments I had given him. The only option, then, is the ER. I called my mother-in-law when I wasn't sure what I should do. They arrived ten minutes later at about the time I was calling their cell phone to ask them to come. I'm very thankful today for my In-laws. My own parents live a little farther away, and pastor a church, so getting them on a Wednesday night wouldn't have been feasible, but Aaron's family really jumped in to take care of us. My father-in-law went with Zaya and I to ER and my mother-in-law stayed home with Mim. It was great to have someone else drive since I was pretty stressed out, and it was a big relief to have another adult to talk with while we waited (and waited, and waited). Mim had a nice relaxing time with grandma, which is always fun.

Everything's fine now. Zaya took two different treatments to stop wheezing, but by the time we got home he was doing well, and he woke up this morning with no wheezing and no fever. Praise God! He even slept all night after inhaling an incredible amount of jittery medication. (He woke up a few times, but I just took him back to his bed and he slept again.)


Bramblerose said...

Doesn't it seem like things go wrong when the man isn't home? But we get through it. Just shows that God is in control.


Poor Zaya! The reason is slept in spite of those meds is that when you have to fight to breathe YOU GET PLUM WORN OUT!! LOL

Sending prayers your way.

Noillirac said...

That's what his grandpa said. He's fought asthma all his life. Zaya always sleeps after his treatments.