Thursday, November 16, 2006

Extract of Wisdom

Isn't it amazing how being in the dentist's chair brings back all of our primitive childhood fears? Really, it's no wonder. It takes an incredible amount of trust to just lay there with your mouth open and let some relative stranger stick all manner of sharp, pointy objects into your mouth; not to mention the drills, or the pliers. Don't you think dentists probably have a warped view of people? Can you imagine staring into people's open mouths all day everyday? Talk about close and personal. It's kind of embarrasing for someone like me who still battles acne. (Yes, I'm 26 not 12, but my skin didn't get the memo.) I guess there are several members of the medical profession who have a slightly warped view of the rest of mankind. Most of them end in -ologist. I'll just leave that to your imagination.

It was only the dentist's pliers I faced today. I had a wisdom tooth that was sticking sideways in my mouth, about as useless as a poodle on a farm, so I had it pulled. (After avoiding the issue for 5 years) I was pretty nervous about it all, but everything actually went pretty smoothly. I suppose I am now 2/3 as smart as I used to be. Yes, I can do math. I only had three wisdom teeth to start with. They just don't show up sometimes in our family, which really explains quite a bit.

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Anonymous said...

I hate wisdom teeth.