Sunday, November 26, 2006


Well, only one meal left to go, and this one will be the easy one. We eat as an extended family at Aaron's Grandma T.'s house every Sunday, so we're used to it and everyone lives close by. You don't have that feeling that you need to spend as much time as possible with everyone, because you may not see them for a long time. The only hard part about it is that Aaron's Grandpa died of cancer last year the day after Thanksgiving. He was in his bed in his room last year as we ate, and it was a difficult meal. It's hard to believe it's been a year now.

Friday we ate with my mom's side of the family, which was great because I hadn't seen so many of them in so long. My cousin and her family came from IL to be with all of us, and so we had almost everyone there. (Except my mom's oldest sister and her husband.) I suppose there are all sorts of things I could say about the three days we all spent eating and talking and trying to corral our kids, but half of them would bore anyone but family members, and the other half would tick-off family members. (Just kiddng =) )

I love being around lots of people, so I'm already excited about Christmas. I just wish the IL clan could come back.


Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

It was good to get acquainted with all the little nephews.