Thursday, November 02, 2006

Skid Row

Well, it's happened. The rosy glow of motherhood is gone. My toddler, my little mild-mannered angel, was a bad boy at the nursery last night. According to the nursery workers he shoved toys around in a vicious manner, pushed other innocent young victims. . .um kids, around, and refused to obey when told to stop. Oh, the shame, the heartbreak. As soon as I heard the news I thought I could see the future.

My little darling, kicked out of junior high for pushing the principal into a locker. My precious son, wearing earrings and a nose stud, is brought home by the cops from a raucous frat party and throws up his beer into my potted plant. Military school! Prison! The Chair!!!

Ok, so maybe it's not all that bad. I suppose all I'm really feeling is guilt. You know how it is. When your child is being good, it's easy to be judgemental of other mothers and their "discipline problems". Then, inevitably, the sin-nature rears its ugly head. I suppose this is only a foretaste of things to come. My friend, who has a very strong-willed toddler of her own, said it was just my turn.

In the meantime, Prince Charming is grounded from video games all day, and, the most painful cut of all (to him), Daddy didn't let him play with Mommy's new drum machine after church last night. Overboard? Maybe. But hey, I'm not perfect either.

Update: I have been informed in the cutest little toddler voice - "And I am not going to be a bad boy at the nursery anymore!" We'll see.


Mountain Mama said...

I found you at Kilinka's blog and want to say that I have thought many times of what you have posted. It starts out so innocently and becomes a parents worst nightmare.
Our children need to be disciplined right from the very beginning.
Even the Bible says that the parent who loves his child will discipline him.
I hope many read your post and learn from it. You certainly made your point well.
I have added you to my links.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

HI - here from Kilinka's. So nice to meet you.

I have been in that same situation too many times with my son. He is a bit of a monkey - and some days I worry he will end up quite a monster! But I sure do try to do my best to discipline.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Uh,hahahaha. C, you should write a book. Seriously. You are very entertaining to read. I am not kidding! I was just giggling while reading it. I know my time too will come.....*sigh* I am so NOT looking forward to that....

Noillirac said...

I've decided where part of the blame should go. My dorm boys (I'm a dorm mother of four teenage boys) have been teaching him wrestling moves. In fact, he's wrestling with his sister right now. She's loving it, except when he sits on her head.

everyday graces said...

That was a hilarious account. I have to say I always looked at moms of toddlers w/disdain as their toddler threw the biggest tantrum in the world and they stood by and did NOTHING about it. happened to me, at the mall in the middle of Pottery Barn Kids. And yes I had an audience and did nothing. {sigh}....this too shall pass!

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