Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Life of Mimsy

Mim absolutely loves ketchup. My mother started it by giving her some a few weeks ago. Now, when we go to Arbys she sits in her little highchair and says, "chup chup" in increasing volume until someone hands her a little tub of ketchup. Then she dips her curly fry in and sucks all the stuff off, and keeps doing that until you give her that look and tell her to "just eat it!" Then she eats that fry, grabs another one, and starts the chup-chupping all over again. If left to herself she will try to drink it from the tub. I don't see this as the babyhood of someone for whom haute cuisine will ever be an issue.

Her favorite things to play with are markers, remote controls, telephones, anything Isaiah has, and anything someone else has. Followed closely by candles and potpourri. If Isaiah is playing with something (ie video game controller) that she wants she sidles up, grabs it when he's not suspecting anything, and then runs off with what I would swear is an evil grin on her face. If you catch her and take the item back, she throws herself down on the ground, totally heartbroken, as if she didn't know that's what was going to happen anyway. It's crazy.

I also think she's going to be a mountain climber someday. I really do spend a significant portion of my day telling her to get down from one thing or another. We even have all our dining room chairs bungee corded together in an attempt to keep her off. She's fallen off of the back of our couch because she was stretching to reach the light switches.

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Anonymous said...

That was awfully cute to read. Yes I can be witness, she does love to climb...