Monday, January 08, 2007

Who Knows

Mim appears to have recovered from whatever it was that upset her last Thursday. She was fine the next morning, and has been fine ever since. I guess it was just teeth. We mothers seem to blame everything on teeth. She does have one that's trying to come through on top, so maybe it was just hurting her. It's difficult to be a happy, compassionate mother when your little angel is screaming, whining and dissatisfied all day. I told my mother-in-law I was tempted to just sit her outside with the cat. (My MIL said, "Don't do that. Call me first and I'll come help you." She's great.)

What's funny is, she did get better for a while that afternoon, and it started with us bundling up and going outside to pet the cat. We were on our way over to the school to see Grandma C. (My mom) and we spent some quality time with Gatito first. (Our adopted stray) I told the kids,
"Don't give Gatito too many hugs or Grandma C will sneeze." (She's allergic.)
On the way over to the school I heard Zaya saying,
"If you hug Gatito, Gwandma C will burp!"
Ok, so he hasn't quite mastered the meaning of all the bodily functions. Can you imagine burping as an allergic response to fur?
"What a beautiful cat!" *BURP* Oh! Excuse me. I'm allergic. *BURP*
Toddlers crack me up.


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Auntie M said...

Oh my. We would be the "burpingest" family around, I'm afraid. :-D

Anonymous said...

that was really funny!lol