Monday, January 15, 2007

Here we go again. . .

I'm trying not to stress about the upcoming spring, but it's rough going. My husband tells me, "Don't worry about stuff. You know it won't help to worry."
Oh, right, well then. I'll just stop worrying. No problem. I don't know if worry is a particular problem of mine, or if it's all just part of being a mommy, but I sure seem to do a lot of it; and despite my darling's instructions, I will probably continue to do it.

DH will be gone for five weeks this spring. He'll be flying out to Minnesota five different times for training. Yuck!! If you know me personally, and possibly just from reading my blog, you know that I am a high-maintenance girl. I can't stand to be alone. Okay, so technically I'm not alone, since I'm taking care of two toddlers, but you know what I mean. You're never more alone than when two little people are crying at you and one or both of them just started running a fever.

Speaking of which, Zaya will also have to have his tonsils and adenoids out in March. They're huge and the poor little fellow snores like an old man. The idea is that this will take care of the snoring and sleep apnea and possibly help with the asthma and weight loss. At least the surgery will happen when DH is home, and recovery should be complete by the time he leaves again. Zay will just barely be three. I'm very worried about that, too. Am I doing the right thing? What if something goes wrong? Will he hate me when he has pain? Will I spoil him rotten as he recovers? Will Mim be jealous of all the attention?

Once again, like I do every five minutes, I place it all in God's hands. I just wish I could figure out how to stop taking it back out again.


Bramblerose said...

It'll be ok. Remember you've got family near by too. ")

scribbit said...

Wow, you've got your hands full. You're so positive about things too, that's admirable. Hope it all works out well for you and your family.