Friday, January 05, 2007

Scary Stuff

I face this morning with some trepidation. Yesterday was one of those days my friend Kilikina was talking about; the kind where you say to yourself, "Why am I doing this again?" My daughter spent almost the entire day crying. She's usually fairly whiny, but yesterday was exceptional. She just wanted me to hold her all day, but not sit and snuggle, which I could have handled. She wanted me to walk around wherever she was pointing and let her mess with stuff that she knew was forbidden. And she cried. Did I mention she cried? At least she slept well last night. I thank God every day for a helpful mate. My husband was very encouraging and took her off of my hands several times in the evening. By the time we put her down to bed I was just about ready to give up, but he assured me he would help me through the night if I needed it, and he did the one time she woke up.

My poor baby, I know she was hurting in some way, but I don't know where or why! She didn't have a fever; she didn't rub any one area more than any other, and she didn't have any visible wound. My only option is teething, which is used to cover a multitude of whines, I realize. She wasn't like this with her other teeth, but maybe this one's particularly bad. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I could use some prayers for today, either way. She hasn't woken up yet, so I still have some hope of a peaceful happy baby, happy mommy day. At least the toddler was good yesterday. He told me at one point, while we were both having to yell to be heard, "WELL, MOMMY, AT LEAST I'M NOT CRYING!" I gave him a big hug. We all needed it by that time.

Update: She woke up smiling! So far, so good. Thank the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Your son is so cute. It could be her one year molars, which I have heard that they are horrible. Ronnie's cousin Jennifer (you know her last name right...) she said her daughter Maleiah was completely off schedule for an entire week due to the one year molars! They sound horrible. Try putting tylenol down her next time (especially like today) and see if it helps....

Noillirac said...

I tried Tylenol several times yesterday. (whenever I could) and she doesn't even have enough front teeth to be getting molars, but you never know, I guess. Isaiah didn't have any trouble with his molars. I hope Mims doesn't either.