Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - #1

13 Things I Should be Doing - Some just aren't options, really, but they ought to be done.

1. Mopping my kitchen floor
2. Loading/folding the Laundry
3. Assembling cute outfits for my kids
4. Dressing said kids
5. Reading intellectually stimulating books to those kids
6. Feeding a nutritious breakfast to kids
7. Making my husband a delicious lunch for work
8. Exercising with the women's aerobics group
9. Writing meaningful letters to my neglected e-mail friends
10. Reading my devotional and scripture and spending time with my neglected Savior.

11. Taking my vitamins
12. Baking something homemade and complicated
13. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the TT-family! There's so much I should be doing instead of blogging... ;-)
My TT is about the year 2007.

Chickadee said...

Welcome to the 13!

Lots to do and never enough time. But know that you're doing the best you can, even if you don't think it's good enough, I'll bet it is!

My 13 are up.

Anonymous said...

Wow look at those blue eyes! The good news is that pretty much any book qualifies as "intellectually stimulating" for young children! Enjoy your day!

Raggedy said...

Your children are beautiful!
I hope you can get your list finished.
I am behind on mail myself.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

My TT is posted

Anonymous said...

You only have 10 C ! lol, I agree with all of them. Hey, at least my son is not in his pajama's today....

Noillirac said...

I'd like to say I did it to see if anyone would notice, but really I just forgot! I guess I was thinking Letterman instead of TT. Thanks for pointing it out! I'll add 3

Anonymous said...

Oh my! thinking of what I NEED to be doing instead of blogging could get depressing! A homemaker's work is never done (especially when that homemaker also holds down a job, has friends who occasionally need support, and nurtures her children and husband with love.) I guess you'd better get crackin'. thanks for coming by my blog.

Anonymous said...

You mean you actually put together cute outfits, feed your kids nutritious meals, exercise, and read them books!?!

I feel like I'm doing well if my daughter is dressed and eats breakfast. Right now she's in her jammies, torturing a pile of cheerios on the computer desk.

Some days are definitely better than others. :)

Happy T13! Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hello - you're right, I couldn't pick a favourite book. However that may partly be due to my general indecisiveness (is that a word?)...

Only 13 things on that list? I'm sure I would have trouble stopping there. Are the sidebar pictures your kids? They are very cute!

she said...

I wish you lots of luck on your list. I don't have the discipline to do half of them.

Jill said...

Cleaning?? What does that word means??
My tt is up!

Kuanyin said...

Mahalo for the visit!Happy tt! Cleaning can sometimes be a good thing!:-)Blessings!