Monday, January 22, 2007

See you in the Funny Papers

I was just re-reading a Baby Blues comic strip book that my Grandma-in-law gave me a while back. That is a very funny strip. There are so many things that I read and think, "Yeah! That's exactly what it's like."

I like a lot of different comic stips. The ones I collect, though, are Foxtrot, The Far Side, and Calvin and Hobbes. I'm also fond of Dilbert, although it's hard to collect those since Scott Adams comes out with a new treasury every little bit, and they're often just repackaging of old strips. I guess we're supposed to grow out of comics, but I haven't yet. We'll see how long it takes. Anyone else out there have a favorite comic strip?


Bramblerose said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes! The boys do too. The one book we have is lovingly wearing out.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Well we don't get a paper (except local) so I don't read comics. But on the rare occasion they cross my path I like Baby Blues, Dagwood and Blondie and Family Circus.

Babystepper said...

We don't get a paper either. I just buy the treasuries of the ones I like when they come out.