Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh no! Not again!

The credit card bill came in today. You know; the big one. This one covers December, which means all those Christmas impulse purchases. We always pay our cards off every month so that we won't have interest charges, so it's painful. Very painful. I can't believe I have so little self-control! I just hate myself when I look down that list and see ",,,,,, etc etc etc." I can already see the look on my sweet, patient, loving, supportive, all-around wonderful (Are you reading this, honey?) husband's face when he gets home. He never gets angry. He just gets this disappointed, stressed look. It cuts me to the bone. He's so responsible and I feel like such a louse when things like this happen. I guess we don't have quite as much in savings as we were counting on. Ouch.

Anyway, as happens periodically, I will now remount The Wagon, and try to keep my seat. No more impulse purchases. In fact, I'm not going to buy anything without telling The Man about it first. (That way when the next big bill comes in I can say, "Oh, but Honey, you said you wanted me to get that!" with big, innocent eyes and a clean conscience.) You are all my witnesses. No more online shopping. (Okay, not much more. . )

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Jenny said...

What a fun blog you have. I've spent time perusing your archives and have really enjoyed your posts. I commented about scrapbooking in one of your posts. I know it's old, but that post was just too funny.

Glad to have met you. I found you over at Living Each Moment.