Sunday, June 17, 2007


Here are a couple of things Zaya has told me recently.

At Grandma's house yesterday he was holding a small plastic turtle, and the following conversation ensued.

While snuggling with said amphibian, "The turtle is sad."

"Oh really. Why is he sad, Zaya?"

"Because his mommy left him."

"Oh, did she then."

"Yeah, she went to [local town where I go to buy groceries]."

"Well, you tell that little turtle that he'll be just fine and his Mommy will be back very soon."

You'd think I abandoned my children on a regular basis. And then there are the strange things that Daddy must be doing...

After bath time tonight:

With arms held out and palms upturned, "Oh no, we have a problem!"

"What is our problem, Zaya?"

"We have a big problem! I can't find any clean underwear!"

"Hmm. Well, I think I know where some is."

"Yeah, Daddy took it all with him to Minnesota."

"Babe, I'm pretty sure Daddy does not have your underwear with him in Minnesota. I'll go find you some."

Of course, the truth is that most of it was in the laundry, but I did manage to find a clean pair, for all of you out there worried about my parenting skills, or lack thereof.


Stephanie said...

Where did he come up with that?? You would think he was a neglected child. Fortunately I believe an adult over a conversation with a turtle. ;)

Qtpies7 said...

LOL I wish I could remember the cute things Trinity says and does long enough to blog them! My memory is going down hill fast!
I'd say you are a good mommy if they miss you while you go shopping for groceries, mine can't wait for me to leave most of the time, lol.

Erica J. said...

I'm thinking Zaya is a pretty clever boy :-) You've gotta keep writing this stuff down, it'll be such fun to read when he is older.

JAM said...

Well, at least he said these things to you and not to a bunch of people at a party or a church gathering, ya know?