Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh, C'mon

Last night, Zaya was telling his Daddy about his plans for the evening. His plans and goals usually involve the Wonderpets these days.

"In thirty minutes, when I am one-hundred years old, the Wonderpets will come over and we will fly to space together in my rocket ship"

In an effort to get Zaya to go to sleep, Daddy said,

"Why don't you tell Vivian about it."

He said, as if Daddy was a man who needed help, "Daddy, Vivian is a stuffed sheep."

We do have a grasp on reality here, but apparently it's touch and go.


Bramblerose said...

LoL!! That's so cute. Sean has a fixation with Superman. He insists that if there is enough wind he can fly up to heaven and find Jesus.

Qtpies7 said...

Gotta love how imagination is only available when it benefits them and not us.

JAM said...

Yeah, that used to happen to me too. I'd try stepping into their dream world with them and my first step was always into mud so thick it would pull my shoe off. Best just to let them tell you about it or what you step in will suck off your shoes.