Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #25

13 Mimisms

1. Lair-pay - Airplane: As in, "Mommy! Look, look, lair-pay sky!"

2. Nimetopa - Minnesota: When Daddy was in Minnesota, she asked me where he was about every five minutes. I always told her, Minnesota, but she would argue that he was at the new house or at his job. This week, now that he's home, I tell her that he's at work when she asks, and she argues that he's in Nimetopa. Argh!

3. Mongy - Grandma: Actually, we've progressed to Ga-mah now, but Mongy lasted for a long time. The 'g' isn't actually a hard or a soft 'g'. It's a moderate 'g'. When Zaya was little, he called the grandmas, "Gn-gn". I originally told the grandmothers that we'd call them what the kids did, but since they both picked such weird things, we stuck it out till they managed "grandma". Now, their cousin calls Grandma T, "Na-na" which is cute and do-able for adults, but it's too late for us.

4. Keeto Bite - Flying insect: any flying insect, actually. Mosquitos, fly, gnats; they're all keeto bites.

5. Oosh - Shoe/Shoes: We loves oosh in all forms and sizes. Sometimes we have to try on every oosh we can find in the entire house, regardless of size or seasonal appropriateness.

6. Oss - Off: As in, "Ite oss", when she's in Mommy's room and wants to endear herself by flipping the light switch over and over and over and over...

7. Woot-nak - Fruit Snack: I wish I meant real fruit by the phrase fruit snack, but I mean those little multi-colored sugar lumps shaped like fruit or cartoon characters, and optimistically called "fruit snacks" by some enterprising business man long ago.

8. Coo-Coo - Blue's Clues: Need I say more?

9. Ga-it - Tag, you're it!: This is the first thing Mim wants to do after Daddy's welcome home hug. She slaps him on whatever she can reach, yells "Ga-It!" and runs off squealing.

10. Hi-See - Hide and Seek: Another game played frequently with Daddy and Zaya. The kids always "hide" in the exact same place, and then Daddy has to go find them. Thrilling and often an off-shoot of ga-it.

11. Bank-it, Ba-ba - Blanket and Bottle: Along with Puppy, these form the sleeptime triumvirate, which must not be disturbed, changed or questioned in any way.

12. *#@ - House: I'm not going to write it. Let's just say it's awkward when she yells "Grandma's House!" in church.

13. Ol' Lucky Bucky - Old yucky spaghetti: My general phrase for anything I don't want her to eat, taste or otherwise mess with is "old and yucky" which comes out "ol' lucky" when Mim tries. She saw some old spaghetti on the table when we were eating lunch yesterday and kept telling us about the "ol' lucky bucky" until Mommy came and cleaned it away.


Anonymous said...

How cute!

Happy TT! xoxo

maggie said...

Adorable. I love those little cute things when they learn to talk.

Happy TT

Toni said...

How precious! Happy T13!
Air Force Wife

Courtney said...

I'm dying to know what #12 is -- I can't think of anything that might sound like house!? And I'm going to adopt Keeto Bite for my own personal use -- I hate Keeto's! ;)

Crimson Wife said...

Too cute!

pussreboots said...

I'll have to remember "Ol' Lucky Bucky." Happy TT!

Auntie M said...

She's adorable. Reminds me of somebody else who used to say "permume."

Mama's Moon said...

Oooh, sweet baby words! I can't get enough of 'em, and can't wait til my younger one starts entertaining us with hers! Have a great Thursday!

Robin said...

What a cutie!

Misslionheart said...

Sweet! It's almost disappointing when they say the words correctly!

Happy TT

Lene said...

So cute!! She is adorable

Happy TT!

Mom not Mum said...

Aw very cute. I miss the days when my dd would talk like that. She called her pacipher a yayi and then the little girl down the street was baby brocolli - her name was Rebecca. lol

MommyBa said...

Such a cutie!!! When she looks back at this, I'm sure she'll have a good laugh :)

Happy Thursday dear!

Darla said...

Oh, that's adorable! One of the amusing things from my son's early words was hi-ya. By which he meant the noise-making Hercules sword my mother gave him (grrrrr....). His other grandmother, however, kept thinking he meant the (apparently common) German child-slang meaning nightie-night.

Okay, we thought it was funny. Neither Oma nor baby was very amused.

Qtpies7 said...

LOL, thats some sweetness there! I love the kids' made up names for things.
Drew used to say "Bahloopa" for any question word. Like "Why should I eat that?" "Where are my toys?"
Kaytlin used to say "FweeFwee" for horse, and it was soooo cute! Donnie used to correct her every single time, until she said horse one day and he was SO sad!
Trinity had made up names for the kids: Drew=Dew, Kaytlin= Neenee, Devon= Dahdee, Cody= DooDah, Hope-Anne= Minum. We figured out the "Minum" was because Hope-Anne would say in a really, really fast, high pitched little girl voice while patting her chest "Whats my name" "Whats minum?" Get it? Patting her chest and saying Minum, she had it coming!

JennieBoo said...

What a precious cutie-patootie!

Happy TT!

Liked her list!

JAM said...

For now, you're her translator. In ten years or so, she'll have to translate for you whatever is the "happening" things to say. They'll come up with something. Teens alwasy do.

crissybug said...

Mim is just too cute for words! This reminds me that I need to catalog more of the cute things that my kids say. You tend forget them over time. It will be fun for Mim when she gets older and can read this for herself.

MommasWorld said...

This is a wonderful list! When Snow White was 3 years old she came up with this made up name for a UFO or something to distract her much older brother. Last week I was trying to remember what it was and for the life of me I cannot remember!

I blog now so I wont forget wonderful things like this.

JennaG said...

How cute--I sure miss those days with my kids. And I wish I had written down all the cute things they say--now I can't always remember which child used to say what. Yes, men are all alike--we love 'em though, don't we?