Friday, June 29, 2007

More, Please?

My internet service may be a bit patchy for a while since we're in the middle of our move. We don't technically have our internet service connected at the new house yet, so until we get some kind of reliable connection, I'll be running over to the homes of friends and relatives, begging a crust of server time and a morsel of keyboard. Wish me luck, and I'll see you all on the other side. With pictures, no less!


Qtpies7 said...

Oh how exciting!!!!
I can't wait to see pictures! But I must say, I'd have had the internet service ordered months ago to be SURE it was working when I needed it to. Priorities, Woman, priorities!
Actually, the only reason I get to get online so much the past few days is because I am at work, but since I'm only filling in for the church secretary, I only have a small amount of things to do and answer the phones, so I can play most of the day without guilt.
That and try not to cry as our youth pastor cleans out his office and talks about how it hurts to leave us and our kids and how he's grieving. And us all telling him how much we love him and will miss him and how he can't leave because we still have kids in the youth group.....
We'll its just a weep fest at church! I can't even imagine how I"m going to handle it today, I'm already a mess.
Well, I just practically wrote you an email in a comment box! Sorry!
I better get to work, I actually have something to do today!

JAM said...

Don't forget about the public library. If you have one close by, they usually will let you on one of their computers for an hour or so. At least that's what they do here.

When we would have power outages for days and days with the hurricanes. We'd stop by the library that had power, sign on a wating list for a computer, and read magazines until the computers opened up. They'd let us have up to one hour each.

Hopefully your library has computers available to the public.

Scribbit said...

waiting for pictures. Kind of patiently but not entirely :)

Qtpies7 said...

Does nobody have a morsel of bread for you?
What a mean family! We miss you!