Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24

13 Cookbooks and Cooking Idea Guides that I haven't packed yet.

1. Complete Guide to Baking - Taste of Home - This is a great resource for baking anything from yeast breads to cookies to cakes. There's a lot of information about the ingredients themselves, as well as many recipes.

2. 2007 Taste of Home Annual Recipes - I snookered myself into getting this one, since I didn't return it after the "free 30-Day Trial". It does have some good recipes though, so it's ok.

3. Best-Loved Cookies and Bars - Taste of Home - This has a whole lot of great cookie recipes. I've made several of them and enjoyed them all. But then, I'm a real cookie girl, too.

4. The What's-for-Dinner Cookbook - Botta and Bendoca - This is a menu plan book. It gives grocery lists and menus for a week or so at a time.

5. Supper's on the Table: Come on Home - Rachel Masters - Another Menu plan book, but this one is from a mom of 5 kids. Her recipes are down-to-earth and comforting.

6. Saving Dinner - Leanne Ely - This is the author recommended by the FlyLady. Yet another menu-plan book. The idea is good, and she has very healthy menu ideas, just don't try the Moroccan Fish Tangine. Trust me. Don't do it!

7. Saving Dinner for the Holidays - Leanne Ely - Some great information about how to cook a turkey, with specifics for cooking novices like me. She walks you through making gravy and great mashed potatoes.

8. Kid Favorites Made Healthy - Better Homes & Gardens - There are some good ideas in this one for working on Macaroni and Cheese and French Toast and other kid favorites.

9. Gifts from the Kitchen - Jean Pare - Great ideas for housewarming, new baby, care-package and other packaged food gifts. She also gives decorating tips.

10. Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen - Jean Pare - Specific gifts for the Holidays, also with ideas for decorating.

11. The One-Armed Cook - Graubert and Fliegel - These recipes are made by mommies, who literally tried cooking each recipe with only one arm, to make sure it can be done while holding a child. The food is probably good, but they usually require ingredients that are just too expensive for me. They also have a lot of advice about how to handle cooking, eating and entertaining right after you have a baby.

12. Joy of Cooking - Rombaer, Becker & Becker - This is the 75th Anniversary edition of a great American classic. It has tons of information for all levels of cooks, including explanations and a comprehensive glossary of cooking terms and ingredients.

13. How to Grill - Steven Raichlen - Lots of great grilling recipes for all different kinds of foods. He also discusses grills themselves and how to use them the their greatest advantage. I did another TT on recipes from this book.

This does not include a whole host of church cookbooks and the like. And, no, I still can't cook. Oh well.

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Susan said...

I love cookbooks, but I HATE to cook! I actually have the Taste of Home book and love it. I don't think I hate to cook when I can plan and take my's the frenzied sort of cooking that teenagers and their schedules require.

Thanks for sharing. My TT is up, too.

:-) Susan

Anonymous said...

That one armed cookbook sounds interesting! I tend to have to do everything one-armed, including typing this comment! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great books! Now I'm hungry!

Happy TT!

Bramblerose said...

I have the Joy of Cooking, 75th anniversary. I love it. So many simple recipes for when I don't feel like being in the kitchen long.
I haven't packed my cookbooks either. But then again I don't move for another 25 days.

Anonymous said...

These look great. I especially need to check out number 11. :)

Gail Martin said...

I love cookbooks. Have you tried any published by "church ladies"? Those have the best local recipes for things Grandma used to make.

Happy TT!

Gail Martin said...

DUH! Just read the last sentence after I commented. I really need the weekend to hurry up and get here.

Crimson Wife said...

Great list! I love "Joy" and the "Gifts from the Kitchen" series.

Trina said...

I love cookbook! But I feel that my own assortment is really lacking..

:) Happy TT!

Come by to see 13 Things I'd want if I were a penguin, I promise you'll laugh!!

Robin said...

Joy is a staple in my kitchen too. I don't use it often, but it's a great reference to have around.

I love cookbooks. In fact, I collect them and was going to do a list of my favorites for this week's TT, but necessity dictated something else instead. I'll do the cookbook one later.

Melina said...

Thanks for stopping by, I love cookbooks too. I have so many of them. I've been trying to get all of my recipes on index cards and put it in an album so it is easy to look up different recipes but dang it takes a long time.

Great LIST, gives me some new ideas for new cookbooks

Qtpies7 said...

I have Saving Dinner! I got it as a FREE sample from our grocery store! The full version! Have you tried the garlic lime chicken? Awesome! We've tried the gyro burgers, nasty, but Donnie loved them.
I use that book frequently, except for the frequent suggestion of mashed sweet potatoes, that would be a no-go around here.

Stephanie said...

I love Rachael Ray myself.

JAM said...

I'm sorry I missed your T13 this week. Life has been crazy. Cool list though.

One of my future posts is going to be on some cookbooks. I'm not crazy about cookbooks but my Mother and the place she worked put a new one out every year and there's so many good ones that we've used through the years...