Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #23

13 Fun Things to do with kids (without the TV)

1. Get out some pictures, markers and a white posterboard and make your child's family tree. Some will be able to go farther back then others. Just make sure you only go as far back as your child can understand.

2. Have them try to draw some mythical creatures. Everyone can draw a puppy. Here are some that are a bit more challenging. chimera, centaur, dragon, minotaur, Pegasus, satyr, sphinx, unicorn.

3. Help them make a door-knob hanger for their bedroom door. Cut a light piece of cardboard into a rectangle and cut a circle in the top so that it can slip over their doorknob. Let them use markers or crayons to write their own personal message. ie Genius at Work, Girl's only, etc etc

4. While your child is waiting for you to finish cooking, tape a large piece of paper to the table, and have them draw their meal. They can draw their plate, glass and silverware, and whatever food they want.

5. Have your child make a sense diary. They sit still and quiet, and tell you (or write, for the older ones) what they see, hear, smell, and feel. [Taste may or may not work, depending on the situation] Write down the answers of your little ones, and create your own family poetry.

6. Try spending a set amount of time without talking, or without using real words. See if you and your children can figure out what you are trying to say to each other.

7. Put a lamp on the table and set your child between it and a piece of paper you've taped on the wall. Outline his silouhette, or let an older child do it. Color it in black, and you'll have a piece of memory set down.

8. If your child is old enough to cut well, they can do this on their own. Otherwise, you may need to help them. Cut lots of clothing and animal pictures out of magazines (Old National Geographics are great, but any can work if you use your imagination) and have your child find some clothes that will fit on their animals. This is fun for a little silliness time.

9. Another thing you can do with magazine cuttings, or just with their own artwork...Have your child illustrate their favorite Bible verses or nursery rhymes by writing the verse or rhyme on a piece of paper and making an appropriate picture for it.

10. Draw a face on a styrofoam cup, fill it with potting soil and plant some grass seed in the top. When the grass grows it will look like hair for your crazy little man.

11. Make your own Rorshach test by smashing some tempura paint between a folded piece of paper, let the kids use pens and pencils once it's dried to draw the outline of whatever the "see".

12. Look up "Coat of Arms" on the internet or in a book to get an idea of what they contain, then let your child use markers, crayons or paint to make your family's own crest.

13. Let your child make their own special holidays. For instance, Red day, Rubber Band day, Eat Outside day....

Most of these were adapted from the book 365 TV-Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child.

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Bramblerose said...

Great Ideas!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great ideas! With summer starting I'm going to need these. Thanks for sharing :)

Michelle M Pillow said...

great list! thanks for sharing!

Raven Paranormal Blog said...

happy t13! wonderful list!

yofed said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing!

JAM said...

Cool stuff. I like the one about making up your own holiday. I wish I had thought of that one years ago. The growing grass in the cup one is like making your own Chia Head, spiffy!

Crimson Wife said...

Love the list! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog :-)

Robin said...

GREAT ideas! We'll definitely be trying some of these out this summer.

Happy TT.

Qtpies7 said...

Great ideas!
I'm sneaking on the computer from our church to get some bloggin in, lol. (sneaking with permission) We're without power so I can't get my TT up! My pictures are all on my computer! Whaaaa~~ The power will be restored sometime tomorrow, I guess, but its been a LONG day.
I should quick go do a TT on things you can't do without power....

Amy Ruttan said...

Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing. Happy TT and thanks for dropping by mine.

Stephanie said...

Those are such great ideas. I feel so inadequate.