Friday, June 15, 2007

Guys blobbly!

I can tell that the kids are really missing their dorm brothers. Our school had a little camp for prospective 7th graders, and when Mim heard the voice of the boys out in the lobby, she came running to tell me about it. "Mommy! Guys blobbly, guys blobbly, Go see 'em?!" I tried to explain that it wouldn't be her guys, but some different guys. She didn't care, and couldn't be convinced, so I let her go out. At the door she met a couple of the young men, who sweetly said hello to her, and ran bawling back to Mommy. She spent the next five minutes crying on my shoulder while I tried to introduce her to them.

Today we went out and talked to them again, but I made sure to remind her before we left the apartment that it would be different boys. She stuck close to me, but she laughed and smiled at the boys, so I suppose she's recovered. Zaya, on the other hand, immediately ran out and started wrestling with them. Of course they loved it, so he had about 30 minutes of sheer joy as he ran and wrestled with all of them. Mim enjoyed watching him, but wouldn't get involved.

It makes me a little bit sad, because we did have such great guys this past year, and the kids truly loved them, I think. I hope they come to visit some next year, so that they don't completely forget.

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