Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Daddy is in Minnesota again this week, so, to console ourselves, the kids and I went with my mother and sister to visit my grandparents in West Texas. We left on Monday, and got back yesterday, so it was a very quick trip, but the kids had a ball, and so did I.

Not only did we get to talk with Grandpa P, Grandma P and Uncle T, but we also went to THE McDONALD'S PLAYPLACE! and the TEXAS PARK!! We ate way to much, and scattered toys all over Grandma's house, several times.

Zaya and Mim both had big fun with their Great-Grandpa, helping him feed the baby chicks, licking whipped cream off the beaters and riding the lawnmower. He gave them two little black chair from one of his store-rooms. Mim didn't want to get off her chair. It took a hissy fit to get it into the trunk in Texas, and another one to get it transferred back to our car when we got to Grandma C's house. They're sitting in my living room right now.

Great-Grandma had all sorts of fruit available on the cabinet, and I'm not sure Zaya ever stopped eating. They filled up on apricots, bananas, grapes and apples.

As the kids get a little older, I hope we'll be able to go to Texas more often. It's not everyone who really gets a chance to know their great-grandparents, so I'd like to take advantage of this opportunity that the kids have.

Oh, and Grandma, I do have the painting in the picture. I just cropped it out for the blog photo. It was still worth taking the picture on the yellow couch.


aftergrace said...

What a great adventure! Great summer fun! I'm glad you were able to visit your family. They are a blessing. :)

crissybug said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I think I sometimes take for granted that all my relatives lives minutes away. Your kids will really cherish these captured them well. And you said you didn't know how to take a photo!

Susan said...

So sweet. Those times are so precious as you build memories with your little ones.

:-) Susan

JAM said...

The pics of the kids with the great grandparents are priceless. The chair story is great.

My mother bought my oldest daughter a small plastic kids chair in the Irving Mall when we lived in Irving, Tx, and that kid sat in that thing until she was big enough to make the legs bend too much. We still have it put away for if and when she has kids.