Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rained Out

Yesterday went a bit differently than planned, but that's hardly surprising, really, as most things do. I was going to take the kids to Grandma C's house, and then I was going to come back home and clean, clean, clean. God had other plans, apparently, because it absolutely poured rain all morning. By the time we got to the town where Grandma lives, I was feeling lucky to have made it there, let alone turn around and travel the same road home.

There were several places where the run-off water was flowing across the road in 10 to 20 foot swaths. If I hadn't been following someone else, and watching them go across these little rivers, I would've turned around, because some of them seemed, and were, very deep.

It's been a crazy, wet spring here in Oklahoma. At first, the farmers thought all the rain would give a bumper wheat crop, but then when it didn't stop, their hopes fell. Because of the moisture, a fungal growth called rust set in, and sapped nutrients from the kernels. Many were able to harvest in the one dry week we had recently, but those that didn't are having a very hard time getting their crops out of the fields. Someone forgot to tell them that rice, instead of all the drought-resistant wheat, would've brought a profit this year.

Anyway, my family just came back with me in the afternoon, when the rain had stopped and things had dried up a bit. They helped me with my house, and we all had supper together. I think it worked out much better than my original plan, so I'm glad it happened the way it did.

Hubby came home at about 1:30 a.m. and is now giving the kids lots of hugs and enjoying theirs. Now we can start packing and getting ready for the move.


Qtpies7 said...

Oh, yeah! What a great family! It'll be nice to have your own place, though I know you will miss the boys and the noise.
I bet its nice to have the hubby home, too!

Attolia said...

Now see, if you're planning to start moving soon, there's no point in cleaning your house. You're just going to pull everything right back out again and throw it in boxes. :P

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I know, Tre and I had the same conversation about the crops at the dinner table tonight...

JAM said...

I hear ya. We've finally hit that part of the year in Florida where it's so hot and HUMID that the windows are all covered with condensation in the mornings and you can't see out. I know the humidity has kicked in when that happens.