Monday, June 04, 2007

Additions to Joshua's List

I recently posted about my little brother, Joshua, and all his accidents and injuries as a child and young adult. There were a few I missed, and some updates I had to add, but there were a couple additions that I thought deserved their own post.

1. My mother and aunt remembered a time when he dove off the diving board and hit the bottom of the pool so hard his head had to have stitches.

2. I wrote about when he scratched his stomach on the top of the chain-link fence diving over it. (He dove over it all the time, and he only scratched it once) I forgot, though, that he told people who saw the scar that he got it from "fencing."

My brother is also very forgetful. He is constantly losing pens, pencils and etc. One day my family got all the way to church, and he had forgotten one of his shoes. He walked around for the whole service and at the restaurant afterwards with only one shoe on; and he was about 14 yr. old by this time. When people asked him what happened to his foot, he said he "misplaced" something. Leaving the interpretation of the ambiguity to the audience.


Qtpies7 said...

I could write a post about all of my brothers and their stupid accidents, lol. Well, actually I could write a whole blog about it if I add my kids, too. I have 4 brothers and 4 sons, lol.
My brother Shane fell asleep driving his truck with his leg out the window. Yep, it wasn't pretty. He had a rod put in his leg, which caused him to not be able to do his job, which was nuclear subs, for a time, so he went to school. It turned out to be a GREAT career booster, though.
When they went to remove the rod, his bones had grown attatched to the rod and they literally were hammering it out from one side. Shane was getting so frustrated that he offered to do it for them! Thats my brother!

JAM said...

Most of my troubles like this were bicycle related. I've always been a pretty laid back, careful guy, but on a bicycle, I'm fearless, even to this day. That's why I've never owned, and never will own a motorcycle.

I love the "fencing" response. That's just the kind of thing I try and try to come up with to make my stupidity seem chic or even manly.

Anonymous said...

About the "fencing" accident...the youth at the church talk about it sometimes...his injury has prevented them from doing the same...for that I am grateful!! :)