Friday, May 25, 2007

What an Investment!

We have about a month left to get everything packed up here at the dorm and head to our new house. It's only a block away, so this isn't a huge crisis. I'm trying to pack non-essentials, and have started with the storage rooms. We have too much junk.

The boxes you see in the pictures are just books. What you can't see are two other cardboard boxes and six large Rubbermaid tubs that are also full of books. If you've had to buy diapers, you know those Huggies and Pampers boxes represent a lot of money. And those are by no means all the diaper boxes that have come into this house. They are only some of the size 4 boxes.

I'm not sure what's more disturbing: the amount of books, or the amount of money spent on diapers. I wouldn't change anything about either decision really. Maybe that's what's the most disturbing. We love to read and I am not, repeat not, going to wash/smell/change/look at/think about cloth diapers. Glad it works for you, Lisa, but this girl's got to draw the line somewhere.


byoc said...

Thanks for stopping by my TT - Raising these grandchildren is a pleasure. I can relate to the boxes of books. I dread ever having to move again.

Qtpies7 said...

LOL How do you know me that well?! You KNEW I'd be thinking that as I read it and saw all those boxes of pampers, lol.
I used lots and lots and lots of diapers, and I'm certain I've used a lot more than you have so far.
I used cloth on my first two for most of the time, but not the whole time. Kaytlin and Drew were both sensitive to disposables, but I had the cloth because I had to feed my husband and I with $100 a month, there was NO room for diapers. Then I used disposables for the next 4 exclusively, and one of them was 4yo before he trained, and most of my kids wet the bed until nearly 12, so LOTS and LOTS of pull ups. Sam is allergic to disposables, so I'm glad I did buy cloth.

If I could SEE the books, I would say "Looking at all those books I can tell you are a homeschooler." You are, you just may not know it yet! (you are totally missing out on the cuteness that is the new cloth diapers, though! But more cuteness for me!)
I can't believe my mom beat me here and posted!

JAM said...

Know the routine very well. I wish I had a dollar for every dollar I've spent on diapers and books.

Every few years we jettison a bunch of books, only to buy a bunch of new ones over time. Sheesh. All the books. I've read them all and can't find one that interests me enough to read again.

Hope the move goes well.