Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Can't Fool a Canine Nose

So, my sweet little toddler asks me if I will come snuggle with him and Lupe (his stuffed wolf). I join them in their snugglefest, thinking what a sweet Mommy moment it is. When Lupe starts making sniffing noises, I ask Zaya if Lupe has a stuffy nose.

"No, he's just smelling you."

"Oh, really? What do I smell like?" (Everyone who has or works with children knows this is an exceptionally dumb question.)

"Hmmm. You smell like some kind of fish."

Great. As if I needed another thing to be paranoid about. Fish? Oh well. Zaya smells like a Crunch Berry, and I still love him, so I guess we'll be okay.


Bramblerose said...

Well, to Lupe you smell delicious.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

hahaha. that cracks me up

Audrey said...

that is hilarious! don't you just love what comes out of our kids mouths!!?? too funny.
check out my little lambs -
have a great night,