Monday, May 28, 2007

All better!

Thanks to everyone for their cold advice. We had already tried Nyquil, which did work a bit at night, Chloraseptic lozenges and spray, which worked for a few minutes, and the vinegar and honey in hot water, which is one of his mother's favorite remedies for everything. Yesterday afternoon his sore throat just pretty much went away, and when he woke up it didn't hurt either. I'm not sure what did it, but probably all of those things mixed together with the prayer. Thanks again, all! I'll stock up on some lemon tea for next time, Auntie R.

We'll be working on our "new" house today since hubby has the day off. He cleaned the apartment yesterday while we all went to church in the morning. (Yes, he usually goes, but he didn't want to expose the entire church to his virus.) It was wonderful. I love having a husband who helps so much in the house and with the children.

After we work today, I hope to have all my closets ready for use and all the rooms in the front half of the house trimmed. The closets are very small, so it's a challange to find something that will work well. Hubby is making all the trim himself. He's worked a long time on it, but it's worth it. I'll have to post some pictures when all's said and done. (Because I'm sure you all care.) We're a little farther along on the kitchen than it shows in the picture above. This is what it looked like at this time last year, though, and we thought we only had a month or so before moving.

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Bramblerose said...

It looks great!!! Can't wait to see more. :)