Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Have Cooler Gadgets than the Engineer

When Hubby came home from his last business trip he brought me the coolest little apple green iPod. Yes, I now own an iPod. Coincidentally, and conveniently, our extended family cellphone plan just expired, so we all got new phones when we renewed for the next cycle. So now, I've got a Razr and an iPod. The physical laws of coolness are bound to kick into action now, so I'm expecting an outbreak of acne or maybe falling on my face in front of a lot of people sometime soon.

I had my dorm boys show me how to use my new phone last night. They gave me some ringtones, too. Several of which I did not ask for. Big goobers. They were hoping I wouldn't notice and that my phone would go off during church. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to get pictures of all my family so that I can add their pictures to their profiles. (That means that when they call, their picture will show up.) You just can't beat that, really, for an evening of entertainment. Oh and did I mention that this Razr was much cheaper than it would normally be? Mom? Did you hear that? Much cheaper. I'm not becoming a money-wasting, materialistic slug. (Just for reference, my mom would never call me that. I just know the thought crosses her mind, because goodness knows she didn't raise me to be cool. That was a bad word at our house.)

As for the iPod, there's no feeling of freedom like listening to my own music while my children listen to the Fisher Price Little People singing "Alice the Camel has Five Humps." Again. I've loaded a couple hundred worship songs and hymns, both instrumental and vocal, onto my little green music machine, and I'm enjoying the freedom to listen to songs about peace, love and patience while my children are listening to Blue's Clues. Ahhh.

My husband told me that I should call this post, "I'm Cooler Than The Engineer" but I pointed out that, although I think he is very cool, most people on reading that title will not be impressed; engineers not being notoriously cool. He said I only think he's cool because I'm a geek too. Probably true. Apparantly our children also have geek tendencies. Below is a picture of Mim enjoying "God is Good, All the Time." The iPod is clipped to the back of her nightgown. She won't hardly let me listen without giving her at least an earphone if not the whole kit and caboodle. I thought that wouldn't be a problem until the teen years, but no such luck. She also just grabbed my Razr off the desk while I was typing and said, "My Phone!" They learn so young.

Antique Mommy experienced both the increased coolness, and the physical coolness laws, and I'm trying to learn from her experience. Read these stories. She's hilarious.


Qtpies7 said...

OH, dear me, you will learn, sweetie, you will learn. Anything you get that is cool, will be confiscated by your children. You wil not be allowed to have anything except outdated 80's clothing and garage sale knick knacks, which they will break.
Believe me. Not even the pictures on the walls are safe from breakage. There is nothing they won't ruin or confiscate unless you hide it in the garage until they are grown.
You have two choices:
1.) hide it
2.) give them their own version so they leave yours alone.

crissybug said...

I am officially jealous! Someday when I grow up...can I be like you! :)

JAM said...

Wow, where to begin?

First, welcome to the 21st century! So glad you could make it.

Definitely cool stuff. Too bad the Razr didn't come in the spiffly lime green that your Shuffle did.

I have to ask Number Two Daughter how to do stuff on my basic, free, phone all the time. She rolls her eyes, snatches it out of my hands, punches stuff in at light speed, and hands it back to me. She does it too fast for me to learn how to do it, so that later I can suffer the same humiliation all over again. She loves it.

Your poor husband suffers from the all too common malady that he thinks there is ANYONE on the planet who thinks engineers are cool in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I once had this and the only cure was public embarrassment.

Mim looks like my wife when I play her one of my heavy metal favorites.

I have an old shuffle, that I received last year as a hand me down, and wrote about it here, if you care to read it.

Bramblerose said...

I love my ipod. It's soothing when the boys are so loud being boys.
I totally agree with qtpies7 about the kids taking over your stuff. I've lost a laptop( it's old anyway and not very reliable) and a gameboy that way. I refuse to let them near my ipod or Mac.:) They could care less about my razr. But they are boys,not girls.

scribbit said...

Boy that green one is cool. It makes my old white one look rather dated :)

You're totally right about the cool factor.

Sara said...

Your gadgets are cooler then mine and my engineers too. Our joint cell phone is on the verg of death so we just cancelled our phone and we still don't have ipods.

I understand and I think my engineer is pretty cool too, but then again I'm also a bit of a geek myself.

My kids have geek tendencies too. When we do school, V begs to do math first and then when we finish the lesson she begs me to let her do more.


Anonymous said...

You are soo funny! I love reading your posts!

I also have to chuckle every time I see Mim's picture listening to the ipod...too funny! :)

One of these days I'm gonna get an ipod and maybe even a razor...however, it'll probably be after there is something cooler that comes out! :)
Michelle :)

JennaG said...

Yep--you are too cool. I love the green iPod--I have a plain white one! I still have an old flip phone--love the razr!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Yeah I've never even held an ipod....

Myrna said...

...and you were saying that you weren't a photographer? You could win a prize with this one.

BTW Thank you (ahem) for tagging me for that meme. I will remember you the next time I need to tag someone.