Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And the winner is...n't

Several of you discovered what was technically wrong with my plant, but no one got exactly what was wrong, so I'm going to declare it a draw. Since there's no clear winner, the prize will be my undying gratitude for playing along. Please, no stones, they hurt. If you feel horribly let down, I'll try to come up with something.

Someone appears to have planted a bean in my Pothos plant (Also know as Devil's Ivy). (Thanks Aunt M and Crystal for the name.) My husband promises it wasn't him, so my next guess is my brother or my young cousin. The bean halves have shriveled away, and all that's left is the shoot. I'm not sure how long I should let it go. Any ideas? Maybe I'll try to re-pot it. It's destiny was to be eaten, but instead it was planted and grew. I'm sure there's some deep spiritual significance there, but I'm not in the zone right now. I'll leave it to you to find the leguminous allegory.


SunnyBrook said...

The young cousin emphatically insists that she did no such thing. She speculates that it must have been the brother.(because "he's like that")


JAM said...

Leguminous allegory? That's cool.

I had some Fritos with bean dip last night. I love the leguminous tastiness of bean dip.

I had no idea about the picture, and I looked at the big one.

Anonymous said...

A bean in a Devil's Ivy, huh? Hmm.

Hope you find the culprit, and have fun doing so.


Eshtemoa said...

Well, I think its REAL destiny was to grow into a bean plant and produce many more beans, so it's a good thing no one ate it. :-]

Could Zaya have planted it there?