Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21

Thirteen things we still need to do on our "new house". They won't be done by the time we move in, because we only have a month left, but I wish they could be. We're doing everything ourselves, with occasional help from family members who us. Hopefully 1-6 will be done by the time we move in, but 7-13 definitely won't.

1. Finish making and installing trim and baseboards.

2. Replace all windows. (16) We've bought three, and will start on those soon. (This one won't be done by the time we move)

3. Block out A/C window and put in new A/C.

4. Finish putting shelving in closets and pantry.

5. Put kitchen cabinets and appliances back in place.

6. Finish out back rooms, which includes numbers 7-13

7. Take drywall off of walls and ceilings and replace.

8. Strip off old siding and put on vinyl.

9. Fix studs that need fixing.

10. Re-level concrete floors and install flooring.

11. Extend half-bath walls to make full bath.

12. Build walls for laundry room and install washer and dryer

13. Take out part of small room wall and make walk-in closet with remaining small room.

There are many, many more things we'd like to do, and many things we've already done. Those could easily be separate TTs of their own. Maybe I'll do that someday.

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Qtpies7 said...

I hate moving. We've been here for 2 years and still have lots of stuff to do.
When we moved in we had a window put in a storage room so we could have a sort of 6th bedroom, and we are still not done sheetrocking, much less a real floor, lol. We also need some sort of insulating in the floor because that child's room is right over our room, and, ahem, you can hear things. Like his alarm clock, yeah, thats it!

Bramblerose said...

Wow! So many changes. How exciting. I don't remember,are there 3 bedrooms in the front and the master in the back? I'm trying to walk through it in my imagination and keep getting stuck.

Darla said...

Wow, lots of work. It'll be great when it's done, though, and satisfying (well, maybe not while you're doing it, but afterwards) doing it yourself.

Good luck!

Chris said...

Remodeling is so much fun, but with a time constraint it can be frustrating. Good luck with your changes! My TT is up here

amy said...

I love shopping for houses but I dont plan on doing that for years and years......YOu wont be bored for the next month, thats for sure

Our Peculiar Life said...

Lots of work! Great TT, though!

KarenW said...

Wow! That's quite a list. Looks like you'll be busy for a while. Great TT!

byoc said...

wow, you will be busy for a long long time. Enjoy!

Norma said...

You are saving a lot of money knowing and doing this much yourselves. Good for you!

My TT is up.