Saturday, May 19, 2007

In Which I Brag...but just a little

Here are a few of the crazy things that have come out of Zaya's mouth recently.

To his sister, after her kind postprandial invitation of, "Aiya, Blobby too?" (Which means, "Dearest brother, would you care to adjourn with me to the Lobby?)

"I would love to go to the lobby with you Mim. Just a minute."

Yesterday when he was trying to get his way at Grandma's house (ie the parsonage):

"Well, here's my idea: we can go to the church and play in the nursery."
To which my poor tag-a-long Mim replied, "Mimi neesy too, neesy too?" How can you ignore pleas like that, so we went to the nursery for a little bit.

My husband's sister's husband's sister (Yeah, try to figure that one out. We're all connected here in Oklahoma) just had her first baby. While my sister-in-law (my husband's sister, that is) was holding him, Zaya said,

"Oh, a baby! What shall we name him?"

"He already has a name, Zaya. His name is Aiden."

"Oh, that's a very good name!"

(To which the sleep-deprived new mother said, "Thank you!")

Those are just some of the cute things he's said recently. There have been lots of moments when he said things like "Well, I'm the boy, and I say yes!" or "Well, but I think it is time for the park!" which didn't strike me as nearly so adorable at the time. I'm prepared now, though. My Aunt MP just mailed me a shirt that says "I'm Always Right: You're Always Wrong" While my husband has logic issues with it (ie That really can't possible be true. At the very least it should say, "I'm mostly right: you're mostly wrong.")I think it's quite funny and plan to wear it on those days when I just can't take it anymore. Sure it's not the most successful parenting motto ever penned, but at least I'll feel like I'm expressing myself.

The first picture is Zaya trying to look diligent. The last here is Mim with her frightening green Hitler stache. She really takes fingerpainting to a whole new level.


Attolia said...

Mother says that "I would love to go to the lobby with you" is straight out of the mouth of your husband, and I concur. For that matter, some of those other lines may be too. Cute :)

Myrna said...

For some reason Isaiah's cute sayings remind me of an older sister of mine... "Here's my idea..."

JAM said...

Your poor, poor husband. He still tries to use logic when dealing with his wife? Will this guy ever learn?

You need to put a sign on your front door so that he sees it when he comes home from work: "Logic ends when you enter this door."