Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19

My mother wrote these thirteen reasons for switching back to Juno. I had just set her up with a free e-mail account, but apparently it wasn't all she hoped it would be.

From here on out it's her voice:

The truth is: "I don't ENJOY learning newest-fangled things just when I've finally managed to get used to new-fangled things and am feeling quite proud of myself for mastering the tools of the current generation, only to have another generation appear out of the unbelievable whirl of time, flaunting spangles and sparkles of MORE technology." AARRGH.

Thirteen reasons why I like Juno better:

1. It's on my computer instead of on the Internet so I can access it to
read old messages or compose new, even if my connection is down.
2. Its little folders are full of messages I've saved.
3. It fills the computer screen and I don't have to read around a bunch
of commercial messages and pictures.
4. It's familiar; I never have to hover the mouse over a bunch of buttons
to see which one I want.
5. It has a web link, but that's nicely on a a file cabinet
folder that never gets mussed.
6. The attach file button is easier to find.
7. The spell check is automatic.
8. I can touch a button that says "print" and it prints. I don't have to
use the mouse. (see number four)
9. All my addresses are stored in it along with the cutesy little
nicknames I've given everyone that they will never see, but that give me a
10. I never forget the password and have to try several.
11. It's neat and clean.
12. That's where all my daily devotionals are set to appear.
13. When I exit and forget to send the message I was typing, it saves it
for me to send next time and even lets me work on it if the Internet
connection goes down.

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samulli said...

He, he, that could have come from my mom. Except that my mom never uses a computer at all. Fine list and all valid reasons.
That said, couldn't you set up the Juno thingy (I suppose it is a normal mail program, right? I just never heard of it before) so that it automatically downloads the new messages from the webmail account you set up for her? So she could essentially keep using the old program without having to fuss with all the new stuff?

Thanks for stopping by my T13, by the way. ;o)

Myrna said...

By the way... these things apply only to Juno 5 or earlier. The newer Juno Email is all web-based and just like any other web-based email program. That's why I kept my Juno 5 program even though I use a newer one to get online.

Qtpies7 said...

I don't like change, either. I fight it tooth and nail, but I promise, its better when you figure it out. I HATED XP, and my computer guru husband insisted it was better than my ME, but I never wanted to give up my ME. Now I don't know what all the fuss what about because I can't remember what ME was even like. LOL

SUNNYBROOK said... can configure your gmail to go directly to outlook express and even to separate itself automatically into folders there, so that would take care of most of your concerns like being able to access or compose when you are offline.

Gmail is so much better I find it hard to believe one has given it a fair trial if she still prefers Juno. One feature I especially love is the integrated chat--and all chats are saved just like emails. If you have a also have free integrated voice chat, a feature I have yet to try.

Of course...I switched several years ago to using Juno exclusively online instead of the local client on the desktop, so I was effectively weaned from that format long before I ever gmailed.

Jenny McB said...

I haven't experienced juno, but did have aol 12 years ago which was labor intensive. I think your mom has great reasons to like Juno and if it works for here, then great.

My mother in law just can't get the hang of internet and email at all, count your blessings.

Lilibeth said...

Yikes…Sunny drips with condescension. Doesn’t one know that the old woman is computer savvy enough to read the comments on a blog?

Terra said...

What an interesting list, from your mother? I use incredimail, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, it for pretty much the same reasons listed here!

Tink said...

I don't have experience with Juno, so I can't comment on her reasons! Nice that your mother uses a computer, I never got mine that far. ;-)
Thanks for visiting my detective TT!

byoc said...

I can relate to your mother - being qtpies mom. She does most of the work on my blog - she set it up, I email her my posts most of the time and she does all the teckie work for me. I am learing - but not very confident yet. I work full time and don't have the luxury of playing around with it enough. And I have dial up service at home which is soooooooooooooo slow


Come, come now Lilibeth...aren't you being a tad harsh in that analysis...just a former Juno owner defending my newest email choice and hoping to persuade you to give it a bit more consideration. 'Tis quite true that what works for some doesn't for all, often for valid reasons.

Myrna said...

"One feature I especially love is the integrated chat--and all chats are saved just like emails."

Talking on a chat anymore is more or less like talking on a voicemail - whatever you say is permanently engraved somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Come,come now, Sunny.
I rest my case.