Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #29

This week's Thursday Thirteen is a rebuttal from my mom's Jr. High class. She read them last week's Thursday Thirteen. (13 Ways Jr. High Students Annoy Their Teachers) They were quite proud of it, and only sorry that she didn't include the names of those students who inspired them. She allowed them to create their own list, so, in the interest of fair play, here it is.

13 Ways Jr. High Teachers Annoy Their Students

1. Give homework

2. Take off 50 points on a test for talking, without warning.

3. Make your students write dictionary definitions for talking.

4. Give your students something to study and then give them a test with different information.

5. Never listen to the students' opinions.

6. Ignore students with their hands up after you told them to raise their hand before talking. (And answer the one who doesn't have their hand up!!!)

7. Allow certain students to get a drink or got the the bathroom and don't let others.

8. Give REALLY HARD extra credit!!

9. Tell dumb and corny jokes that no-one gets.

10. Tell your students soemthing and then tell them or another student something different.

11. Give your students something really hard to memorize.

12. Always call your students by different names.

13. Act like you can't hear your students and always say, "What, what, what? I can't hear. TALK LOUDER!!

Bonus: Give two assignments on one day for the same class.

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No Nonsense girl said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! Sweet revenge from last week!!!

Cool TT!!!!

WorksForMom said...

clever. VERY clever!

Lori said...

Well, I have a high school son and im sure he would agree with those too:) Happy TT.

JAM said...

Awww. Poor widdle students, forced to memorize and write dictionary definitions.

I love it. They just handed her a list of thirteen things to use to get under their skin when they have gotten under hers. Suckers!

My favorite is 9. Tell dumb and corny jokes that no-one gets.
Ever notice that when something too clever for a youngster, it is declared dumb or stupid?

Funny list.

yh said...

Kids these days have it too easy... LOL... my brother used to tell me of flying erasers and kids having to sit there with gum on their nose... (in high school).

I think kids today are a lot smarter for their age compared to kids 20 or 30 years ago. I don't know if that's good or not.. but sometimes it's scary. (Have you seen how some kids act, today?)

aftergrace said...

I'm guilty of #9

Norma said...

That is one clever teacher to let them respond.

crissybug said...

That is too funny! I can't believe her students came up with a rebuttal!

Scribbit said...

Heh, I'm guessing Junior High wasn't the best two years of your life? Mine neither.

Qtpies7 said...

So THATS why my teacher never tested us on the stuff he talked about! I never got his tests because nothing on it was in our "book" or what he talked about, and I worked hard to take notes. Even the total brainiacs had a hard time passing that class, 50% of the class had to retake it every year.

Tendrils said...

I love it!!! As an 8th grade teacher, this made me laugh hysterically!!!!!

Thanks for sharing! :)