Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And What do You Eat?

Yesterday Zaya brought in his toy lion and proceeded to discuss life, politics and dinner with me, through the lion. I told "lion" that I was making some chicken for supper, and "lion" said, "Oh, good, I like meat, because I'm a carnivore and I eat meat!" I said "Oh, yes, and what would an herbivore eat?" Zaya answered, "plants". So, pushing it a little farther, like all good mommies do, I asked, "And what does an omnivore eat." Without missing a step he said, "Macaroni and Cheese!" Well, I have told him he's an omnivore, and he does like a nice bowl of mac and cheese, and it does have bread and animal products...


JAM said...

At least you're teaching him correctly.

By fourth grade, even our Louisiana public schools, taught what herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores were. But in today's society, the vegetarians refer to people who are omnivores as carnivores.

I saw the singer Natalie Merchant once on TV and she said with disgust in her voice and on her face that she could NEVER date a man who was a carnivore.

I figured she was dumb as a box of rocks and that she was blessing some nice omnivore guy by not liking him for being a "carnivore."

Speaking of a nice bowl of mac and cheese, is this home made mac and cheese or Kraft/generic boxed macaroni and cheese?

I love me some home made macaroni and cheese now and then.

Johanna said...

Zaya is so cute.
We had homemade mac & cheese last night for dinner. Yummy.

aftergrace said...

Mac and cheese-the best of comfort foods!

Old Fashioned Girl said...

Thanks for the giggle!