Sunday, September 16, 2007

All Tuckered Out

We had a lot of fun this weekend on our little family mini-vacation. We went to the State Fair on Saturday and the Zoo on Sunday. It's Oklahoma's Cenntenial year, so I thought this would be a good time to go to the fair, if we ever planned to do so. It was actually pretty hot, and there wasn't much we could do with the kids that was free and didn't entail standing in line. We did a few things, though. We got to see the world's largest boot, and a giant sand sculpture. I asked Hubby to get some pictures of me with the kids this time, as it's always just he and the kids in our photos. All of you mommies out there know how that is, I'm sure. I've included the best one of Mim and me at the bottom of this post.

We stayed the night in OKC at my Aunty and Uncle T's house. Zaya played video games with Daddy and Mommy's cousin, and Mim made Auntie M pull out every toy she had in storage, one set at a time. Both of the little beggars slept very well (despite my worrying) and we were very, very grateful to my relatives for opening their home to us. (They always do. They're great.)

The Zoo was an extended family trip, with Hubby's parents, brother, sisters, brothers-in-law, and nieces, as well as our little family. It was a lot of fun, and would've been better only if it had been a bit cooler and the children had cooperated with staying in their strollers/wagon. We saw the Sea Lion show and walked all the way around the zoo, looking at interesting (cheetahs, Okapi) and not-so-interesting (ducks) animals. The kids were thrilled with everything, but especially enjoyed the carousel. Why is it they're unerringly enthralled by the things that cost money? Zaya's favorite animal was the GIANT HARMONICA! (Anaconda) We had to work on that a bit. Cousin Jaida liked the pigs (flamingos) and Mim spent a lot of time watching the Alligator Snapping Turtle (BIG! TURTLE!). Mommy liked the Herpetarium, because it was cool and dark. (Just a little aside, Zaya peed in the herpetarium last year. Just a little. No such incidents this year, thank goodness.) Here's a picture of Zaya being just a bit silly while we wait for the Fins and Feathers show at the aquatic center.

Best of all, the kids slept all the way home. No, really, all the way! Last year when we went to the zoo, Mim screamed the whole way there and the whole way back. This year, Mommy remembered the bottle. Yeah, I'm a bad Mom. Oh well. We were all happy and sane.

Here's my best picture. That's Grandma (My MIL) in the background. She's even more camera shy than I am, which is saying something.


Scribbit said...

Sounds like a great trip--hey who would walk 500 miles to see The World's Largest Boot.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

i think it's funny we dont even see your face. ddi you see the oklahoma trails?

JAM said...

I asked Hubby to get some pictures of me with the kids this time, as it's always just he and the kids in our photos. All of you mommies out there know how that is, I'm sure.

It has always been the opposite with us. Though Lovely Wife recently bought herself a tough little digital camera to keep in her purse and I've been caught unawares several times to my chagrin. Oh well.

Sounds like a good time. That was always key for us, wear the kids out, feed them a high carbohydrate meal, and watch them pass out.

aftergrace said...

Hey, Alli, Ren and I went to the State Fair just this morning. They registered to vote (since just becoming 18 on Sat.) and along with looking at all the animals and crafts, they made me ride several rides including the "Tilt O Whirl" which I must say barely survived. I think at 46 I have lost my ability to be turned upside down for fun.