Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ha. So There.

I think all of us imagine that in a situation where we are cornered or threatened we will be strong, say some remarkably witty things, and/or otherwise defend ourselves. Well, I do anyway. Imagine that, I mean. It turns out I'm probably wrong.

My neighbor friend Tina met me at the Y yesterday for a little friendly exercise motivation, because I think we'd all agree it helps you stick it the full round if you have a friend going with you. Anyway, we thought we would play racquetball, because it's something neither of us could really do when we're by ourselves. She hadn't ever played before, and I've only played twice. Despite the fact that we borrowed rackets and a ball, and even entered a court, our play stats have not changed. You know why? Bullies. Isn't that ridiculous? We're both in our twenties, and we got "pushed around."

While we waited for my husband to come pick up the kids, my friend and I were watching a couple of guys (really big guys) playing in the front court. They seemed to be pretty good, and had already been playing for about twenty minutes when Hubs came and we were officially free to exercise. The friendly (if not very chivalric) Y man gave us our ball and told us to go to court five. (There are only two courts that work, even though they still have the others numbered. Probably sort of like the big camo tanks and such made of cardboard that you have in a war to make the enemy think you're more impressive than you are.) We went into the court, and made one serve, when the door opened and in walked the two big tall sweaty neanderthals..err men from the front court. They told us basically that we must have the wrong court, because this was theirs. We were confused, but thought that maybe we had misunderstood wimpy boy at the front desk, and were supposed to have the front court. We left meekly, and apologetically, which still gets my goat, because that would've been the perfect time for a little witty repartee.

Anyway, it turns out that the men had to leave their front court because a couple of women had come and basically kicked them out. I guess I should be thankful we met the men and not the women, because I don't want to meet any woman who bullies bullies. We told the wienie at the front desk, after the situation had been explained (Yeah, we tattled) that it was OK, because we are little, and used to being pushed around. Ha. That'll show 'em.

Just to spite those beggars, we had a nice workout anyway, using all the treadmills and stair steppers in the aerobic room. I think next time we'll just go on a walk here at home though. So much less confrontational. All we have around here are dogs, and I can usually think of something acceptably witty to say to them. (I told one his mother was a coyote one time. Ha! He didn't think it was funny.)


Anonymous said... neglected to mention how bravely I returned to Court 5 to retrieve your water bottle--after knocking politely, and saying, "excuse me," of course.


P.S. Shall I bring Flash on our walk to protect us from the threatening half-breed coyotes?

Babystepper said...

Oh, that's true! You were incredibly brave in retrieving my water bottle.

See..uh..really...I just didn't want to go in there because ...I knew I'd get all mad and start beating those guys up, yeah, that's it, so I sent you in there instead.

Maybe Flash had better come along on our walks, because I'd hate to have to go all postal on those pit bulls over by the high school.

Tina said...

Yeah. I'm sure Flash's fierce 24 pounds of pure muscle and wagging tail will be quite intimidating to those wimpy ole pit bulls!

JennaG said...

You know, the nerve of some people. That is just awful. I'm a little ticked for you. I have to admit, though, that I hate confrontation myself. The thirties brought a little more of that out in me--wonder what the forties will do. Have fun with your exercise.

aftergrace said...

Just remind yourself that bullies are just little minded people that are insecure! (at least that's what I tell myself) We pity them!

crissybug said...

What jerks! Next time you guys see them should return the favor!

JAM said...

That's why this Louisiana boy always carries a knife. I might not have had it when they tried to hustle me out of the court, but they would be calling wreckers to come haul their cars away due to slashed tires.

Not really.

Well, maybe not really.

JAM said...

Go to walmart and buy one of those rubber, wedge shaped door stops.

Take it with you next time and when you and your pal get in there, jam it under the door on your side.

Don't open the door, whoever comes, nor how much they knock.

Even big bullies can't budge one of those things.

Plus, it's much more legal than slashing their car tires.