Friday, September 28, 2007

Meow meow meow (If you spoke cat you'd be laughing!)

Gatito has finally decided to bless us with his presence on occasion. (We've been having fits getting him to stay at the new house since it's only blocks away from his old stomping grounds.) The poor kitty is still alive, somehow, and has been showing up every now and then to allow us to feed him. I think he's a bit intimidated by some of the other cats on our street, but now he can see that we are prepared to defend him. This is my husband's Wrist Rocket from childhood, ready with ammo for that fiendish tom cat who tries to come over and pick a fight. Ha! Imagine the fear on that little furry terrorist's face when he comes face to face with a grown man bearing a slingshot. It's like our own little David and Goliath here, except this time David's ten times bigger. (Goliath is still the aggressor, you see, he just happens to be little and fuzzy.)

Mim just had to watch Gatito eat his supper yesterday afternoon. She was supposed to leave him alone, but she kept coming in to get spoons and bowls. Finally I had to bring her inside and try to explain how kitties do not need spoons and do not like eating goldfish crackers and raisins.



That is a most darling picture of Mim!

Qtpies7 said...

You go, David!

aftergrace said...

Yeow! That wrist rocket looks painful-no wonder the bully cats run. Super keeper picture of Mim.

JAM said...

My Dad had a wrist rocket. He was amazingly accurate with that thing.

He whittled his own slingshots as a kid, and when wrist rockets first came out, he bought one and started shooting again. Like I said, he was scary accurate.

A cheap sack of marbles makes a deadly, or extremely painful, persuasion for varmits.